** Must be enrolled in BSD in order to be able to register for courses.

How to enroll into BSD: https://bsd405.org/schools/registration

For an appointment, please contact our Registrar, Mrs. Shelby Dawes at dawess@bsd405.org


Frequent Asked Questions:

Course Selection FAQ 2018


BSD Course Catalog:  http://www.bsd405.org/departments/curriculum/

State Graduation Requirements:  http://www.k12.wa.us/GraduationRequirements/default.aspx


* Incoming 9th graders (Class of 2022)

Presentations (March 5th, 2018):

  1. Tyee NHS Registration incoming 9th GMSP
  2. Tillicum NHS Registration incoming 9th
  3. Tillicum ISA NHS Registration incoming 9th
  4. 3/5/2018 Parent’s Night 8th Grade Parent Night 18-19


*Incoming 10th graders (Class of 2021)


*Incoming 11th graders (Class of 2020)


*Incoming 12th graders (Class of 2019)