Choosing courses in this model are only available to ACTIVE students currently enrolled in the Bellevue School District.

Students NOT currently in the Bellevue School District interested in enrolling for next year should contact the BSD Enrollment at  Once enrollment is approved the NHS Registrar will guide you through the course selection process.

For ACTIVE students only:  2021-2022 Registration Information

Hello students and families,

Welcome to the main page for Information regarding registration and course selection for the 2021-2022 school year at Newport High School. Below you will find:

1) A timeline of the Registration Process
2) Information on steps needed in order to select classes for next year
3) Resources for all students
4) Grade level specific resources, including the link to the grade level presentations.

While we know you may have many questions, there are multiple opportunities during the process to ask questions. However, if you have questions about accessing one of the resources below, definitely please reach out to your counselor, the office staff or an administrator.

Registration Timeline: 

Family Q&A:

Written guide to Parent Q&A events and the answers presented.

How to select courses

All Students must complete 2 steps to complete their course registration. Prior to doing these, we recommend that they use the Course Selection sheet as a planning guide, along with the video and presentation resources.

  1. Students must complete the course selection in Student VUE.
    1. Instructional Video: Instruction Video
    2. Written Instructions: Directions on submitting Synergy Course Requests
  2. Students must complete a NHS Specific Course Selection Form, that is basically the electronic version of the course selection sheet resource. Students will need to fill this out, as it requires a BSD Log-In.
    1. Future 9th Grade/Current 8th Grade Course Selection Form  (due: March 14th)
    2. Future 10th Grade/Current 9th Grade Course Selection Form (due: March 14th)
    3. Future 11th Grade/Current 10th Grade Course Selection Form (due: March 28th)
    4. Future 12th Grade/Current 11th Grade Course Selection Form (due: March 28th)


Resources for all Grade Levels:


Class of 2025  (incoming 9th graders)

Class of 2024  (incoming 10th graders)

Class of 2023  (incoming 11th graders)

Class of 2022  (incoming 12th graders)