2021 Digital Testing App Now Available

Students taking digital AP Exams must install the app on their testing computer and log in with their College Board username and password:

Step 1: Connect to the BSD VPN

Step 2:  Download and install the 2021 AP digital testing application and log in: cb.org/ap2021examapp.

Step 3: Practice with example questions in the app:  AP Digital Testing Guide


2021 Advanced Placement Exam Schedule – Final

Dear Students and Families of students who will be taking Advanced Placement Exams,

Here is the final 2021 AP exam schedule.  Note the exams will all be digital at home except for the World Language and Music Theory exams which will be taken in person, paper and pencil exams.  If you have questions regarding the exam schedule you may contact Ms. Aldridge or Ms. Karen Schulz, AP Coordinators for NHS.



Week 1                               May 4 – May 7
German                              Tuesday, May 4                              12:00 PM            In-Person/School
Japanese                            Wednesday, May 5                        12:00 PM            In-Person/School
Spanish Lit                        Friday, May 7                                    7:00 AM           In-Person/School

Week 2                               May 10 – May 14
French                                 Monday, May 10                             7:00 AM              In-Person/School
Span Lang                           Tuesday, May 11                             7:00 AM              In-Person/School
Music Theory                     Wednesday, May 12                      12:00 PM             In-Person/School
Chinese                                Friday, May 14                               12:00 PM             In-Person/School


Week 3                               May 18 – May 21
English Lit                           Tuesday, May 18                              8:30 AM             Digital at home
Comp Sci A                          Tuesday, May 18                             12:30 PM            Digital at home
Art History                          Wednesday, May 19                        12:30 PM            Digital at home
Macro Econ                         Wednesday, May 19                        12:30 PM            Digital at home
US Gov                                 Thursday, May 20                            8:30 AM             Digital at home
Psych                                    Thursday, May 20                           12:30 PM             Digital at home

Week 4                               May 26 – May 28
English Language              Wednesday, May 26                        8:30 AM              Digital at home
Comp Sci Principles          Wednesday, May 26                       12:30 PM             Digital at home
Environmental Sci             Thursday, May 27                           12:30 PM             Digital at home
Comp Gov                            Friday, May 28                                 8:30 AM             Digital at home
Micro Econ                         Friday, May 28                                 12:30 PM             Digital at home


Week 5                               June 2 – 4
Euro History                      Wednesday, June 2                        8:30 AM              Digital at home
US History                          Wednesday, June2                         8:30 AM              Digital at home
World History,                  Thursday, June 3                             8:30 AM              Digital at home

Week 6                               June 7 – June 10
Seminar                              Monday, June 7                              12:30 PM             Digital at home
Human Geo                       Tuesday, June 8                               8:30 AM             Digital at home
Calc AB                               Wednesday, June 9                        8:30 AM              Digital at home
Calc BC                               Wednesday, June 9                        8:30 AM              Digital at home
Physics 1                            Wednesday, June 9                        12:30 PM             Digital at home
Physics C: Mech                Wednesday, June 9                        12:30 PM            Digital at home
Chemistry                          Thursday, June 10                          8:30 AM              Digital at home
Physics C:  E/M                 Thursday, June 10                          8:30 AM             Digital at home
Physics 2                            Thursday, June 10                          12:30 PM             Digital at home
Stats                                    Thursday, June 10                          12:30 PM             Digital at home
Biology                               Friday, June 11                                 8:30 AM               Digital at home

Testing Accommodation:  Information

Have any questions? Feel free to speak with your counselor.




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