Navigating Newport:

Who to ask?

  • First, coach your teen to address the issue, and then seek help from these people   LEARN MORE

Attendance: General Help

  • How to access your student’s record, report absences, find information, and correct errors   LEARN MORE

Getting Started with Clubs & Teams

  • How you can help your student find the right place to get involved in critical after-school activities and teams   LEARN MORE
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Coaching Your Student:

Setting Up Successful Parent-Teen Conversations

  • Simple 4-step process that helps families discuss difficult topics   LEARN MORE

Pause & Think: What Went Well

  • Simple practice that helps teens recognize their progress and plan for growth   LEARN MORE

Pause, Notice, Name & Navigate

  • Simple steps to learn to respond thoughtfully rather than reacting emotionally   LEARN MORE

Six Tools for Success

  • Simple skills that your student can build to support their learning now and their career later   LEARN MORE

Health & Well-Being

Help your teen develop healthy stress tools

  • Specific guide and tools to coach your teen to prepare for daily and major stress situations    LEARN MORE

Mandarin Parent Event–Family roles in helping students belong in school

  • Why belonging matters to learning
  • How families help students embrace academic risks that help teens succeed
  • Where to go with questions
  • Setting your student up to flourish & thrive
  • Mandarin Slides

  • English Slides

  • Video Recording

College & Career Planning Support:

How many AP courses?

  • Guidance on coaching your student to select a healthy AP course load that will get them where they want to go    LEARN MORE

Help your student identify key interests

  • Discussion guide to help your student explore what courses to take and what careers interest them    LEARN MORE

Why your student should take career classes

  • All students–even those headed to college–should take a close look at career courses at Newport    LEARN MORE
The Bellevue School District acknowledges that we learn, work, live and gather on the traditional lands of the Coast Salish Peoples. We honor with gratitude the land itself and the Coast Salish Peoples of our region, past, present and future.