Dinosaurs Didn’t Read …. And Look What Happened to Them

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June 7th: Twelve Books, Twelve Days  

So many juicy new books!

An LGBTQ coming of age as a German teen relocates to Alabama. Can two boys survive love in Alabama?

Concrete Rose, the sequel to The Hate U Give. Ali Wong’s hysterical Dear Girls memoir. Crazy Rich Asians: we have the trilogy. Gene Yang’s Dragon Hoops. A visual feast in Damn Good, a pictoral vision board from designers. The Displaced, a collection of essays f 17 essays by writers who were forced to leave their homes.

Another LGBTQ winner, George Johnson’s memoir – manifesto. Told from multiple perspectives, Kent State explores that horrible day when American troops killed four American students protesting the Vietnam War.

An obsessive recluse — think TV’s Mr. Monk — lightly, tidily and politely burgles a series of homes. He has a good system going … until one day a non-polite burgler breaks into a home while our polite burgler is hard at work. Quick, fun, quirky read.

“Everyone thinks I’m going to eventually die of a heart attack, but joke’s on y’all—it’s definitely going to be of secondhand
embarrassment.” Samanth Irby in Wow, No Thank You. (Bonus points for the cute bunny on the cover.)

Finally, If You Could Be Mine details the secret romance of two girls in Tehran. Such odd dichotomies in Tehran — women can be jailed for showing their elbow, but the Iranian government will help pay for sexual reassignment surgery, because there’s nothing in the Koran that says it’s a sin.

May 3rd: Just Six More Mondays til summer!  


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