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**All Bellevue schools will be closed Monday, February 19-Friday, February 23.**
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Transition year: Facing high-stakes decisions with limited executive function

Intellectual Habits of Success: Learn, Think, Do, Assess, Repeat

  • Push yourself out of your comfort zone with a difficult class.
  • Ask teachers and counselors to help you tackle only what you can handle, and then do that well. 
  • Use your study of content in the course to improve your universal skills—communication, analysis, teamwork, and problem-solving. 

Emotional Habits of Success: Self-Knowledge, Self-Management & Self-Agency

  • Practice a deeper understanding in Notice, Name, Navigate.
    • Go beyond angry, happy, sad to annoyed, invigorated, hurt.
    • Use your vocabulary to help you understand why you feel what you do and use that knowledge to make decisions about yourself, other people in your life, you endeavors, your plans for the future.
  • Use that knowledge of yourself to understand your strengths, take on challenges, and build the knowledge that you can manage yourself, get what you need, and accomplish things that matter to you.

Involvement that Matters in Preparing for the Future & Caring for Self

  • Consider ways to demonstrate leadership. Leading is not about holding office. Leading is communicating, building a collaborative team, and helping guide that team to an objective.
  • Narrow your leadership to one or maybe two things where you can demonstrate accomplishment through teamwork. 
  • Colleges look for students who can lead without the authority of office.

Relationships: Support & Mentoring plus Learning Teamwork, Communication, Problem-Solving

  • Plan more intense  use & development of skills introduced lin 9th grade. 
  • Begin intentional development of social capital beyond Newport (e.g., church, community service, mentors, coaches, family friends, parents of friends).

Course Selection: Actively Plan Depth, Breadth, Rigor, Growth

  • Use Naviance to identify career and college goals.
  • Research courses necessary to those goals & courses that will help you confirm your desire to pursue those goals.
  • Understand entrance requirements of first-choice colleges.

Plan for Career with Options that Suit You:  College for Career,  Technical College,  Job Entry,  Gap Year,  Etc.

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