The new Odle Middle School will have many improvements and the most obvious improvement will be the site and the traffic circulation. There will be increased on-site queuing for student drop-off and pick-up to avoid the traffic backups that spilled over to NE 8th Street with the old school’s layout. We will still need to rely on coordination and cooperation from all drivers. There will be staff members aiding in the traffic management of the site, but it is your responsibility to follow their directions.

Even will all of the improvements, traffic will still be congested at the start and end of the school day. It is a lot of traffic to manage in a short period of time. To make it work well, everyone needs to cooperate by being courteous, safe and patient. Please follow directions from staff and keep traffic moving safely and smoothly.

Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Odle Traffic for Cars

People arriving by car for drop-off or pick-up will:

  • Enter on 143rd Ave. NE and stay in the RIGHT lane. Proceed south to the school entry and follow the drive lane to the front of the school. Pull forward as far as possible so there is queuing space for other cars behind you. Never park in or block a striped area.
  • No vehicle parking is allowed in the drop-off pick-up lane. Please queue on the school side of the curb to allow other traffic to pass.
  • After dropping off or picking up your student, continue to follow the drive lanes to exit the site on 143rd Ave NE.
  • Before stopping in the drop-off area, have everything ready to go so your student can exit quickly and safely. Drivers should not exit the vehicle.
  • There are numerous covered waiting areas were students can be dropped off or picked up. Please use these areas instead of front of the school. This will help avoid congestion around the front entry.

Parking at the School

People arriving by car to visit the school will:

  • Enter on 143rd Ave NE and stay in the right lane until you reach the designated visitor parking spaces.
  • After visiting the school, follow the drive lane to exit the school site. Drivers must yield to buses and pedestrians.

Please be considerate of our neighbors. Do not park in any neighborhoods adjacent to the school.

School Buses

Odle Traffic for Buses

  • School buses will enter on 143rd Ave NE and take the bus loop around the east side of the site toward the bus drop-off area southeast of the school. Drivers must not block the striped areas. This will prevent bus flow in and out of the site.
  • Buses will drop off and pick up students in the same location.

Pedestrians and Bicycles

Odle Traffic for Pedestrians

  • There are new sidewalks. If you are arriving by foot or by bicycle, please use the marked crosswalks and obey staff instructions.