View the new traffic circulation map – OMS Traffic Circulation

Beginning Tuesday, January 16th, we will be updating our traffic management plan to improve safety and efficiency in our parking lot during morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up.

For MORNING DROP-OFF, please pull forward all the way to the far end of the curb lane on the east side of our parking lot to fully utilize our entire load-unload capacity.  This curb lane is a “No Parking” area and should be utilized for drop-off/pick-up only.  Please see traffic circulation map attached here. 

Signs that say “PULL FORWARD” will be temporarily posted to remind drivers.  We will also have two Odle staff members wearing neon vests in the parking lot on most mornings to serve as parking lot monitors.  They will be helping to facilitate this new procedure.  Please comply with the directions of our parking lot monitors. 

For AFTERNOON PICK-UP, when drivers arrive, they should pull as far forward as possible by utilizing the entire curb lane indicated by red arrows on the traffic circulation map.  The covered shelters marked “O”, “M,” and “S” on the east side of the parking lot are intended to be pick-up areas for students.  Drivers who arrive first should plan to load in that area.  Please do not leave vehicles unattended in the curb lane, and please remember to continue pulling forward in the curb lane as cars in front are exiting.

Finally, the crosswalk in front of the main entrance to the school, which has hatch-marks on the ground, is a fire lane. This area should never be used for parking, dropping-off, or picking-up.

With these changes, we are intending to improve safety and efficiency in our parking lot during morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up.  Please also remember to drive slowly and remain patient as drop-off and pick-up will remain congested even with these improvements.  We appreciate your support.