At the March 6, 2018 Board Meeting, our Board of Directors passed a resolution on school safety.  The complete resolution is attached below.  Key highlights are included here:

…in support of school safety for our students, staff and community, the Board:

commits to work with the Superintendent to review Bellevue School District policies, implementation plans, and funding relating to student and school safety, thoroughly exploring reasonable steps, both immediate and longer term, to ensure the safety of staff, students, and community, and to revise such policies, plans, and funding as needed.

supports the right of students of the Bellevue School District to advocate for outcomes relating to school safety, including through the exercise of peaceful demonstrations.   To this end, the Board

calls upon the Superintendent to ensure that, in the event that students call for organized and peaceful demonstrations, schools provide safe spaces on campus for students to gather peacefully and express their views, regardless of viewpoint and without academic penalty, if such demonstrations otherwise comply with school district policies; and to ensure further, that students’ rights to not participate in such protests are also respected.

BSD Board Resolution on School Safety – English

BSD Board Resolution on School Safety -Chinese

BSD Board Resolution on School Safety -Spanish

BSD Resolution on School Safety -Signed