Last Friday afternoon (10/19), we kicked off our two-week Associated Student Body (ASB) fundraising campaign.  This fundraiser will support a variety of Odle ASB activities, including 6th Grade Camp, 8th Grade Cruise, School Dance, School Planners, and transportation for many of our extra-curricular clubs and activities.  To kick off the fundraiser, on Friday students learned about what we are selling, why we are fundraising, and how the process will work, including incentives for various ranges of sales.

Students were given a packet/collection envelope that included the following:

  • A permission slip that must be signed by parent/guardian allowing your student to participate
  • A one-pager that spells out the details of ordering and prizes
  • Two catalogues: one for “Delicious Delights,” with cookie dough and other treats, and one for “Holiday Collection” which includes various gift items
  • An order form for recording purchases

There were, unfortunately, two errors on the one-pager.  First, checks should be made payable to Odle ASB-not to the PTSA.  (This is NOT a PTSA activity.) If you notice a check that is not properly made payable, we ask that you help your student to communicate with the buyer to re-write the check accordingly.  Second, some of the prizes listed do not fully align with school expectations.  We will be reviewing all prizes before they are distributed to ensure that they fully comply with school rules as well as all district policies and procedures.

We have two collection days for orders.  The first is this Friday (October 26th); the second is the following Friday (November 2nd).  Students should return the collection envelope with the order form and money inside on those two days.  Prizes will be distributed after each collection date.

We apologize for the confusion on the one-pager and thank you in advance for all your support for the Odle ASB.  This is an exciting opportunity for students to raise money for our school to support events that matter to our students and to increase our sense of community and pride in our school.


Melissa Schweitzer

Assistant Principal