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Al-Harab, AlaaCounselor I-Q[email protected]
Altenhof, KeithAssistant Principal M-Z[email protected]
Anjaz, BaharSS Teacher[email protected]
Baebler, ErinLibrary Specialist[email protected]
Bailey, KenzieLA/SS Teacher[email protected]
Bharti, ShivangiScience[email protected]
Bible, StaciaScience Teacher[email protected]
Black, ElizabethLA/SS Teacher[email protected]
Black, JackLA/SS Teacher[email protected]
Brown, YayoiELL Facilitator[email protected]
Buckingham, AmySpanish Teacher[email protected]
Carroll, A'yanaCounselor R-Z[email protected]
Caulfield, NicoleArt Teacher[email protected]
Chalita-White, PaulinaWorld Language Teacher[email protected]
Chang, ChaseOrchestra Teacher[email protected]
Chirinos, JeremyJubilee Coach[email protected]
Clouse, GregScience Teacher[email protected]
Crafton, KalenaLiteracy Coach[email protected]
Cupp, BrandiPBIS Coach[email protected]
Curtis-Greer, SarahSpecial Ed Teacher[email protected]
Dettlaff, JoannaPsychologist[email protected]
Dumas, RonHead Custodian[email protected]
Edwards, KamilahCounselor[email protected]
Evanson, EmilyLA/SS Teacher[email protected]
Farkas, KatCounselor A-I[email protected]
Gatewood, BethScience Teacher[email protected]
Gunnerson, SamanthaTech Specialist[email protected]
Helm, AmyLA/Creative Writing Teacher[email protected]
Hurla Lo, HopeSpecial Ed Teacher[email protected]
Hyde, RyanChoir Teacher[email protected]
Iliescu, ElizabetaMath Teacher[email protected]
Ito, DorothyMath Teacher[email protected]
James, ElizabethScience Teacher[email protected]
Kol, LiliaMath Teacher[email protected]
Kujawa, ClaireLA Teacher[email protected]
Lapic, EthanSS Teacher[email protected]
Las Pinas, ReynaldoChief Night Custodian[email protected]
Law, AndyLA/SS Teacher[email protected]
Linn, MarcHealth/PE Teacher[email protected]
Lizotte, LeslieRTS[email protected]
Losi, CarolMath Teacher[email protected]
Luong, PhuEvening Custodian[email protected]
Machovsky, AllisonArt Teacher[email protected]
Millikan, LauraAttendance Specialist[email protected]
Myerchin, SandraSpanish Teacher[email protected]
O'Connell, KarenMath Coach[email protected]
Patnode, LisaSpecial Ed Teacher[email protected]
Peterson, AlecJubilee Coach[email protected]
Pilichowski, TanyaPE Teacher[email protected]
Ponte, CoriNurse[email protected]
Potts, JosephPrincipal[email protected]
Powell, NickieHealth/PE/Drama Teacher[email protected]
Rashid, AreebaMath Teacher[email protected]
Roberts, BarryBand Teacher[email protected]
Rosco, RussellSTEM Teacher[email protected]
Sakaue, DanMath Teacher[email protected]
Sanchez, VanessaFamily Liaison[email protected]
Schimpf, BrendanLA/AVID[email protected]
Scott, DylanScience Teacher[email protected]
Sieberson, EricITCL[email protected]
Sin-Chung, LindaKitchen Manager[email protected]
Smallwood, AlexandraLA Teacher[email protected]
Smith, KaleneSpecial Ed Teacher[email protected]
Sparks, JanaMath Teacher[email protected]
Staker, GayleBehavior Specialist[email protected]
Sutton, CandiceDebate/LA Teacher[email protected]
Swain, NoahLA Teacher[email protected]
Swanigan, AmberPE/Health Teacher[email protected]
Thomas, ErinMath Teacher[email protected]
Thornton, RebeccaOffice Manager[email protected]
Tillotson, TaylorSocial Study[email protected]
Tokuda, MollyAssistant Principal Secretary[email protected]
Vahedi, RoseFrench Teacher[email protected]
Virata, DanielleAssistant Principal[email protected]
Wan, JingranWorld Language Teacher[email protected]
Warehime, LaurenSS Teacher[email protected]
Westerside, SteveScience Teacher[email protected]
Williams, BrendanSTEM Teacher[email protected]
Wlasichuk, LaurenPE/Health Teacher/Dance[email protected]
Yaeger, AmyITCL[email protected]
Ying, TiffanySLP
The Bellevue School District acknowledges that we learn, work, live and gather on the Indigenous Land of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Duwamish and Snoqualmie Tribes. We thank these caretakers of this land, who have lived and continue to live here, since time immemorial.