Micaela Crapo (Sub for Kat Farkas)

 Students A-He

crapom@bsd405.org  (425) 456-6606

Alaa Al-Harab (Sub for Kaitlyn Bradley)

Students Hi-Q

alharaba@bsd405.org (425) 456-6607

A'yana Carroll

Students R-Z
(425) 456-6605

We Believe

  • As professional school counselors, we are advocates and resources for students, staff, and families;
  • It is necessary to collaborate with students, families, community members, and other educators to promote equity and access for all students;
  • School counselors are agents for systemic improvement;
  • All students can achieve and meet high standards that will prepare them for success in meeting their life goals.

Our Role

The counselors are Odle’s problem solvers. They work with students and their families to remove barriers, so that students can be successful learners in their classes each and every day. Common problems that the counselors work with students and families to solve are:

  • Peer conflict/bullying
  • Problems at home
  • Concerns about grades/academic performance
  • Working with teachers
  • Class scheduling
  • Connecting with resources (food, clothing etc)
  • Mental Health/Emotional support
  • Planning for High School, College and beyond