Messages from the Superintendent

Bellevue Students, Parents, Staff, and Families:

In the midst of an extremely disruptive and deadly pandemic, I was deeply saddened and shocked to see the horrific video documenting the senseless death of George Floyd.  The tragic killing of yet another black person by an officer sworn to protect and serve all of us is totally unacceptable.  Such an injustice is not a value that Bellevue School District and its leadership will ever promote or silently condone.

I know that many of our families, including my own, have experienced cruelty and indignity in their communities and schools because of their ethnicity or race.   As a nation, we must all stand and speak out for equity, respect, and justice.  As a school district, we must continue to focus on creating more inclusive learning environments where all students are safe, welcomed, and valued.

Over this past week and weekend, it has also been upsetting to watch concerned Americans exercise their fundamental right to protest only to see the moment hijacked by individuals seeking to wreak havoc or steal.  However, we cannot let the actions of a few—whether they be violent protestors or violent police officers—taint the important message of justice and equality that we must embrace.  In these troubling times, we need to find common ground to unite us against the forces of racism, tyranny, and prejudice.

Bellevue School District values respect, integrity and service. We are committed to creating safe, equitable, inclusive, and respectful learning environments that promote justice for all our students and staff. In this regard, we must have courageous conversations about race and deeply examine, identify, and remove barriers that create systemic inequity in any aspect of our school community.

Now more than ever, our learning community must practice our values of compassion and collaboration as we overcome the challenges of the health crisis and systemic injustice. I encourage you to take time to talk with your students, families, and colleagues about your feelings regarding the tragic death of George Floyd and the unrest in our nation including our own Bellevue community.

To assist in the conversation, all school counselors stand ready to listen, support, and advocate for our children and staff. Please contact your student’s school principal to arrange for assistance from a counselor or call the Mental Health and Counseling Hotline at 425-456-4445.

In addition, the National Association of School Psychologists has helpful resources for talking with students about violence, race, and privilege.  I also want to thank many of our educators and school leaders who are hosting and creating space for students and their colleagues to process their feelings and examine steps we must take to fight against systemic racism and injustice.

Please be assured that the Bellevue School District cares about the needs, desires, and success of each and every one of our students and staff. As we continue to celebrate our differences, similarities, and dreams, I ask all of you to work together to make sure all our students have the support they need to be successful.

In partnership,

Ivan Duran
BSD Superintendent, 2021 School Year

How to View Captions in Other Languages

To turn on captions in Chinese and Spanish on YouTube videos (desktop only):

  • Click on the “Settings” cog icon in the bottom right hand corner of the video
  • Click on the “Subtitles/CC” and then select “Auto-translate”
  • Select the language you would like to have captions in
  • Ensure the subtitles/closed captions are turned on by clicking the “CC” button in the bottom right hand corner of the video



  • 点击视频右下角的“设置”图标
  • 点击“字幕”,然后选择“自动翻译”
  • 选择您想要字幕的语言
  • 通过点击视频右下角的“ CC”按钮,确保字幕/隐藏式字幕已打开

Como ver subtítulos en otros idiomas

Para poner los subtítulos en español en videos de YouTube (únicamente para computadoras):

  • Haga clic en el icono de la rueda dentada de “Settings” en la esquina inferior derecha del video
  • Haga clic en “Subtitles/CC” y seleccione “Auto-translate”
  • Seleccione el idioma en el que le gustaría tener los subtítulos
  • Asegúrese de que los subtítulos estén activados haciendo clic sobre el botón “CC” en la esquina inferior derecha del video

The Bellevue School District acknowledges that we learn, work, live and gather on the Indigenous Land of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Duwamish and Snoqualmie Tribes. We thank these caretakers of this land, who have lived and continue to live here, since time immemorial.