Interactive Route Map

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Bus Routes

Limited stops are used only in emergency situations when a bus may not be able to complete the normal route. In the event that we use limited routes, a message will be posted on the Bellevue School District homepage.
Stop DescriptionAM RouteAM TimePM RoutePM TimeWed. TimeLimited Stop
WB MAIN ST & 153RD PL NE0208:01 AM5403:29 PM01:07 PMWB MAIN ST & 153RD PL NE
WB MAIN ST & 150TH PL NE0208:02 AM5403:30 PM01:08 PMWB MAIN ST & 150TH PL NE
15139 NE 8TH ST(CHAMPAGNE)0208:06 AM5403:26 PM01:05 PM15139 NE 8TH ST(CHAMPAGNE)
NE 6TH ST & 154TH AV NE(ON 6TH)0208:08 AM5403:23 PM01:02 PMNE 6TH ST & 154TH AV NE
164TH AV NE & NE 6TH ST0208:12 AM5403:19 PM01:00 PM164TH AV NE & NE 6TH ST
164TH AV NE & NE 4TH ST0208:13 AM5403:20 PM12:59 PM164TH AV NE & NE 4TH ST