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Is there still space available?

Yes, at this time we still have spaces available in our Kindergarten, First and Second grade classes.

If you are interested in joining the program now, please email [email protected] for assistance.

Would you like to join us in September 2024?

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Which Arabic dialect will you be teaching in the classroom?

Teachers will instruct in Fusha, encompassing Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). MSA is the formal, standardized form used in writing, media, and formal discourse across the Arab world, facilitating cross-regional communication. Learning MSA provides a strong foundation for future dialect exploration. While MSA is the primary focus, we also value dialects for daily use and cultural exchange. We enhance skills through cultural activities, authentic materials, and community exposure, promoting a holistic understanding of Arabic’s richness and linguistic diversity. Our aim is students’ communicative competence, blending MSA proficiency with dialect appreciation for a comprehensive Arabic language education.

Elementary Program

Starting from the 2023-2024 school year, we have started accepting applications from incoming kindergarten, first-grade, and second-grade students for Ardmore Elementary’s elementary school program. This program will gradually grow each year, with the Arabic program expanding accordingly.

How many minutes of Arabic instruction will be offered each day?

Kindergarten students engage in Arabic about 90 minutes a day during Social Emotional Learning, Arabic Language Arts and Social Studies.

First and second-grade students currently participate in approximately 60 minutes of Arabic instruction per day, integrated into both Social Emotional Learning and Arabic Language Arts.

As the program advances, we will incorporate feedback from students, parents, and teachers to make necessary adjustments. Our aim for the heritage language program is to be culturally responsive and student-centered, which means we will remain flexible and open to changes as we become more acquainted with our students and their families.

What kind of transportation options will be offered?

Students who reside within the Ardmore attendance zone are welcome to continue using the Ardmore buses that serve the neighborhood. Students who reside outside of the Bellevue School District boundaries will be able to ride BSD school buses from designated load zones to/from Ardmore Elementary School.

Ardmore Bus Routes (PDF)

Will there be standardized testing to assess student’s Arabic proficiency at the end of the school year?

Students will take the STAMP2SE assessment to evaluate their speaking and listening proficiency in Modern Standard Arabic. This assessment will be administered at the start, middle, and end of the academic year. The STAMP test enables us to gauge proficiency at the national level, allowing us to compare our students’ performance with the national standards adopted by Arabic language programs throughout the country.

Elementary Program Contacts

Ardmore Elementary website:
Principal: Tina Bogucharova [email protected]
Assistant Principal: Yusra Obaid [email protected]

Secondary Arabic Heritage Language Program

How many minutes of Arabic instruction will be offered each day?

Secondary program students will be enrolled in one Arabic class as part of their curriculum. In this course, students will enhance their Arabic language skills while also engaging in a project-based learning approach to explore the history of the Arab world and its rich tapestry of cultures.

What does the Arabic Heritage Language Program look like at the secondary level?

Middle and high school students in the Arabic Heritage Language Program will receive online Arabic instruction through BSD’s innovative Bellevue Digital Discovery School platform. They will access their Arabic courses from their respective middle and high schools. We ensure that students have all the essential technology resources, including laptops, headsets, keyboards, and instructional materials, to support their learning experience.

Will students receive credits?

Yes, students will receive World Language credits like other world language courses.

Secondary Program Contacts

Digital Discovery Website:
Digital Discovery Email: [email protected]
Principal: Tom Duenwald  [email protected]

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