The International Spanish Academy (ISA) is a Spanish language program started in September of 1986 with the goal of educating students to become biliterate and multicultural by high school graduation. Students may study Spanish in an immersion environment from kindergarten to 12th grade. The language acquisition process is different for every student, it takes approximately 12 years of study to reach advanced proficiency. It is also expected that the students will have mastered the specified district curriculum taught in this program and reach an advanced level on the A.C.T.F.L Proficiency Scale by high school graduation.

The ISA program is recognized by the Ministry of Education of Spain. The Ministry makes resources and programs available to ISA schools throughout the world to assist them in preparing the students to participate in international university programs. Students also have multiple opportunities to earn the Seal of Biliteracy.

Initial entry is in kindergarten, ISA Elementary students attend Puesta del Sol Elementary with one-way 90/10 immersion program. After initial kindergarten entry students who wish to join the program must submit a waitlist application; if selected from the waitlist they must demonstrate grade level proficiency prior to acceptance. In middle school, students are offered two classes in Spanish: social studies class and Spanish language arts. Students may enter the ISA Program in 6th Grade at Tillicum depending on building enrollment, class sizes and program capacity.  In high school, students are offered a rigorous sequence of language and literature courses culminating in the DELE B2 language exam in 12th grade. The program is currently housed at the following schools:

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