The health and safety of our students, staff, and community continue be of paramount concern to the Bellevue School District. We anticipate the need to maintain some level of physical distancing over the summer. For this reason, our summer programs will be limited and will be provided remotely. Any offerings primary focus will be on preparing students for advancement to the next grade level, course offering, or journey after school life.

Topics on this page:

What is the focus of the Bellevue School District’s Summer Programs this year for High School Students?

Due to the impact on learning by the Covid-19, summer learning will have the following focus

  • Ensure Class of 2020 Seniors Graduate: Our district has made a commitment to support seniors in meeting the requirements to graduate.
  • Support High School Students with Completion of Semester 2 Courses from Spring 2020: We are creating a process for current BSD students to complete specific high school courses required for graduation for which they received an “I” for “Incomplete” for Semester 2. The 2020 Summer High School Course Completion Program will run June 22 to July 3, 2020.
  • Support Credit Recovery for High School Students: We are prioritizing the High School Summer Program offerings to allow current BSD students to retake specific courses required for graduation if they have previously received an “F”, “NC” or “W” for that course. The 2020 Summer High School Credit Recovery Program will run July 7 to July 31, 2020.

Are there any summer High School programs that the district will not be offering?

Because of our focus on preparing high school students for the next academic and graduation, the Bellevue School District will not offer the following this summer:

  • High School Courses for Grade Improvement
  • High School Courses for Original Credit

What summer programs will be offered to elementary and middle school students?

The summer programs for Elementary School students is by invitation only and will focus on supporting students in reaching grade level standard in Literacy and Math.

Will the Operation Exploration (Elementary) and Operation Ideation (Middle School) programs be offered this summer?

Operation Exploration (Elementary) and Operation Ideation (Middle School) enrichment programs are cancelled for this summer.

The Bellevue School District’s priority is on ensuring all students are prepared for the next academic year.

Additionally, all summer programs will be offered remotely. The limitations of an online learning program would not make for a quality learning experience for these two programs.

Will Accelerated Middle School Math be offered this summer?

This summer, we are not offering IMT1, GIMT1, IMT2 or GIMT2 in a brick and mortar classroom setting. However, because we currently have a self-study option for IMT1 and GIMT1, we are able to offer this option, which includes an end of course assessment. Students who registered for IMT1 or GIMT1 will be contacted by the summer school office with details about registration status and fees. Students who registered for IMT2 or GIMT2 will be receiving a refund.

Will the Bellevue School District offer summer camps this year?

The district will not be offering any summer camps this year due to the continued need for physical distancing.