Frequently Asked Questions

My child is enrolled in another school district. Can we attend Bellevue's summer programs?

Most of our summer programs are open to students from neighboring districts. To register, you must have a WA address.

Elementary school students may register for Operation Exploration if they are entering grades 2-5.  This year, all students entering or enrolled in middle school (6-8) can enter Operation Ideation. Middle School students can also register for our Accelerated Math Program if they are entering grades 6-8. High School students may register for our High School Program if they are entering grades 9-12.

I attended summer school, when will I get my transcript?

Grades for the middle and high school programs will be posted on the final day of each session. All coursework must be completed by 3:00pm to be considered towards your final grade.

Bellevue Students: Grades will be posted to your transcript, and sent to you within three weeks of the end of our summer program. Your grades will also be sent to your school counselor.

Out of District Students: Summer School grades will be sent home by middle of August. Some schools will accept these. Some schools require an official transcript. To obtain an official transcript, please contact student records at, or (425)456-4223 after September 1.

Can my child accelerate in math through BSD summer programs?


With school approval, students may register to participate in accelerated courses for IMT1, IMT2, and Algebra. These courses provide a full day, four week program that allow a student to ‘skip ahead’ in the Fall.

High school students interested in accelerating through courses should contact their counselor about outside learning options available to them.

My child is in the gifted program. What options do they have to accelerate in math?

Students may register and complete GMSP IMT1, GMSP IMT2, or GMSP Algebra. Students that wish to progress through the continuum of gifted math courses should speak with his or her counselor about Outside Learning.

What do I do if BSD summer school doesn't offer the course I need?

If you are interested – or you need to earn credit for a course BSD summer school does not offer, you still have options. Speak to your school counselor about Outside Learning. Keep in mind that district approval must be granted prior to your enrollment and all courses must be approved by the first week of July.

I might improve my grade by the end of the year. Should I register, or wait until I know my grade?

Summer school is run on a first come, first serve basis. Classes are only run if there is a high enough enrollment in the course. By waiting to register, you may lose your spot in the course.

If you choose to register early, a partial payment can hold your spot. Simply complete the payment plan form and submit the form, the first payment, and your registration form together. In addition, refunds can be requested until June 30 should you determine you do not need to attend summer school.

I'm currently in 8th grade and will be entering 9th grade next school year, can I take health?

No. Health is available only to students who will be entering 10th grade or higher.

Are scholarships available? For which programs?

Yes, scholarships are available for Operation Exploration and the High School Summer Program.

Operation Exploration offers scholarships for select students enrolled in a Spanish Dual Language program. Visit the OE webpage for additional information.

Students that require additional scholarships in grades 9-12 are welcome to apply for the Bellevue LifeSpring Grads-on-Track Scholarship. Available for high school students requiring credit recovery or grade improvement, Bellevue LifeSpring’s summer school scholarship program pays up to 90% of the total cost of classes. A minimum $10 contribution from the family is required for registration.

These scholarships are available on a first come, first serve basis. To qualify for a scholarship you must be eligible for free or reduced lunch during the school year. If your families financial situation has changed, you can still apply for a Bellevue LifeSpring Scholarship. Please attach a letter of circumstance to your application at the time of submission.

I'd like to volunteer. Are there opportunities available?

Absolutely, and we would love to have you!  If you are an adult or student volunteer there are opportunities for you in our summer programs.  Students must be rising 9th graders, or older, to participate.  This can be a great way to earn your forty hours of community service.

It is important that you can provide a consistent summer schedule.  Please be prepared to make a commitment should you be interested in volunteering, as teachers and students will be depending on you. To volunteer, please visit our VIBES website and learn about how you can work within summer school to earn community service or gain valuable classroom experience.

If you want to volunteer, but may not have a lot of availability – we would encourage you to partner with the King County Library System.  This summer, our local libraries will be running a Book Buddies program, where younger students can read to a high school volunteer.  You will receive training on how to support this young learner, and need only to commit to a limited amount of hours or days throughout the summer.  Visit for more information. 

Can I still retake a class in BSD summer school to improve by B grade?

Yes, this is allowable because the class is offered by Bellevue School District.

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