Community Jobsites (Non-Paid Work Experiences)

Students participating in the School to Work Program work with their employment specialist from At-Work! on finding individualized paid job experiences.

  • Bellevue Youth Theater
  • BSD Art Production (Fused Glass Jewelry Program)
  • BSD Copy Center
  • BSD Everbean Coffee Shop
  • BSD Highland Middle School
  • BSD Mail Delivery
  • BSD Sherwood Forrest Elementary School
  • BSD Stevenson Elementary School
  • Creatively Yours
  • Fred Meyer
  • Hopelink Foodbank
  • Overlake Hospital
  • Pampered Pooch
  • PT Pros
  • TJ Maxx

School-to-Work Program

The King County School-to-Work Program (STW) is a King County operated program that works directly with DDA (Developmental Disabilities Administration) assists students with developmental disabilities to leave school with a job and experience a seamless transition to adult life and support services. Learn more here:

The STW Program takes a team approach to offering direct services to students. Students work with an Employment Specialist who will partner with the student’s team of educators and collaborate with parents and the adult service system to help the student find a good job match before they leave school. The STW Program offers training, benefits planning, and resource coordination for students and families enrolled in the program.

Bellevue School District works directly with the At-Work! Agency as our embedded employment vendor. Employment specialists work closely with students in the STW Program during their last year to find them a paid job upon graduation (if not sooner!).  If a student graduates without a paid job, they will continue to receive supported employment services indefinitely.

The At-Work! Agency is a highly supportive and innovative conduit between people with disabilities and mainstream employers in the community: