Puesta del Sol | Noticias del Director

Happy Thanksgiving! A reminder that there is NO SCHOOL tomorrow and Friday, November 22-23.

November 21, 2018

Translations Available:  Click here to link to the school website where you can access the language translation tool on the bottom right of the screen. These Noticias as well as other important communications are posted on the Puesta del Sol website throughout the year where you can have them translated into numerous languages.

Mark Your Calendars:  Below are important dates over the months of November and December.

November 22-23 – Thanksgiving Holiday (No School)
November 27 – Passport Club Check Day
November 30 – PTA Principal Coffee: Student Supports and Services (9:10 AM in Library)
December 10-14 – Spirit Week
December 24-January 4 – Winter Break (No School)

November 20, 2018 Safety Drill:  Yesterday we had our scheduled Safety Drill for the month of November. This month’s drill was a fire drill. Our Safety Team, made up of staff and district safety and security team members, has been leading our entire staff in conducting practice drills so that we are equipped and prepared if an emergency would ever arise here at school.  Our number one goal is student safety.

Here is our process for Fire Drills:

  1. The fire alarm is activated by our staff
    2.           Teachers instruct their students to proceed quietly and calmly to the baseball field, where they line up by homeroom class
    3.           Students wait quietly as staff check attendance to account for all students
    4.           When given the “All Clear” by school administration, everyone returns to their classrooms to continue our fabulous Spanish Immersion learning

Our goal is to have our staff and students be as best prepared as possible to respond in all types of emergency situations.  One way to support your students at home is to have conversations with your students, at a developmentally appropriate level, regarding the purpose of this drill and the information provided above. If you have any questions, please contact Sra. Duimovic at duimovic@bsd405.org.

Weekend Backpack Meals To Go:  Need extra food for the weekend? The Weekend Backpack Meals To Go program provides students and their siblings with a bag containing easy-to-prepare meals for the weekend for students at all grade levels. Please contact your teacher or see Srta. Maribel (quezadam@bsd405.org) in the Main Office to sign up. Pick up is on Fridays!

Support during the Holiday Season:  Once again this year, our PTA and school community are offering families additional help with the holidays. Please note, this is 100% confidential. For assistance, please email Sra. Duimovic with the below information for all children within the household.

  • A need for the child (clothing or shoes and size)
    ·       A want for the child (toys, books, arts and crafts, etc.)

Every effort will be made to fulfill the wishes sent in. Please email Sra. Duimovic at duimovica@bsd405.org by December 7.

Emergency Closure Information and Flyers:  As we head into the winter season we encourage families to become familiar with information about unexpected school delays or closures.

Families will be notified of changes to the school day via SchoolMessenger. Information can also be found on the district website, Facebook, Twitter, FlashAlert, on the BSD Newsline by calling (425) 456-4111, and from local TV and radio stations.

The following is also available for review on the district website:

  • schedule information for scenarios including delayed start, early dismissal, and school closures
  • altered bus stop locations

Download and print the Emergency Closure flyer:

For additional details please visit www.bsd405.org/closure.​

Camp Kindness Counts Family Community Service Opportunities:  Below is a linked attachment to upcoming events in our community, organized through CKC, for community service for the whole family!

 CKC Upcoming Family Community Service Opportunities.pdf

Puesta del Sol Visitor & Parent Guidelines:  Below is a linked attachment to an important addition to our Community Handbook. In collaboration with the school district and Puesta del Sol PTA leadership, we have updated essential communication and visitation guidelines. For each Noticias we will spotlight a section within the new guidelines:

Puesta del Sol Visitor and Parent Guidelines.docx

Parent Volunteers

If you are a parent volunteer, THANK YOU! By helping us prepare materials, you allow us to have more time to reflect on our teaching, assess student work, and find ways to better engage our students in their learning.

  • Given that school time is the only time we have with our students to immerse them in Spanish, please come only when we are expecting you. We cannot afford to take time away from our students to accommodate an unexpected arrival. Thank you for your support and understanding.
  • To enter the pods/classrooms, please wait until office staff either announce your arrival to teachers or open the pod door for you. Knocking on the pod doors can be disruptive to classroom learning environments.
  • If you are assisting in a lesson or co-teaching with us, we thank you for the time you take to coordinate with us prior to the lesson.
  • Whenever we have parent volunteers (field trips, classroom, etc.), please remember that teachers are required to supervise students through the end of the school day and are not able to release students to leave school early with a parent volunteer, unless the parent volunteer signs them out in the front office and the office notifies the teacher of the sign-out.
  • Please refer to Policy 3122 (Click here) and Procedure 3122P (Click here) for more information on attendance.

Respect (Respeto) – Our Virtue of the Month for November:  Throughout the school year, we encourage families to discuss, revisit and reinforce the monthly virtues that we showcase each day via our morning announcements.

What is respect?

Respect is an attitude of caring about people and treating them with dignity. Respect is valuing ourselves and others. We show respect by speaking and acting with courtesy. When we are respectful we treat others as we want to be treated. Respect includes honoring the rules of our family or school, which make life more orderly and peaceful. It is knowing that every man, woman and child deserve our respect.

Jonathan Shearer
Principal | Puesta del Sol Elementary