Dear Future Kindergarten Families,

We have a few resources that we shared at Kindergarten Information Night that we wanted to share with you. The links are below. Under the links, you can find the text-only information (easier to translate with the translation tool.

January 2020 Kinder Info Night

BSD Kindergarten Readiness

Puesta del Sol Immersion Program Overview (Updated 1.8.2020)

January 2020 Kinder Info Night


Puesta del Sol Kindergarten Information Night

Tonight’s Presentation

  • Information about our Program
  • Kindergarten info / video
  • Important dates
  • Lottery Process
  • Questions

Bellevue School District’s
Spanish Immersion and
International Spanish Academy (ISA) Program: 32 Years of Excellence

  • Orca Pre-school
  • Puesta del Sol (K-5)
  • Tillicum Middle School (6-8)
  • Newport & Sammamish High Schools (9-12)

Puesta del Sol and the Bellevue School District


To affirm and inspire each and every student to learn and thrive as creators of their future world.

Bilingualism and Biliteracy in Bellevue!

Elementary Choice Programs

Spanish Dual Language

  • Lake Hills
  • Sherwood Forest
  • Stevenson

Spanish Full Immersion

  • Puesta del Sol

Mandarin Dual Language

Jing Mei

All students are welcome to apply for choice schools.  Admission is by lottery. Applications will be accepted until 4:30 p.m. on Friday, January 31, 2020. Visit for more information.

Puesta del Sol

  • Founded in 1986
  • 535 Students in K-5 program for 2019-2020
  • 24 Spanish Immersion Teachers
  • 7 Teaching Specialists – Art, Music, Band/Orchestra, Library, PE
  • Support Staff – School Counselor, Nurse, School Psychologist, Special Education Teacher and Para-educators, ELL Facilitator, Main Office Staff, and Educational Specialists
  • Building Leadership – Principal, Assistant Principal, Instructional Technology Curriculum Leader

We are always and only here for kids!

Puesta del Sol’s New Campus for September 2021: 

301 151st Pl NE

Bellevue, WA 98007

Spanish Immersion Program

  • At Puesta del Sol, students learn all of the BSD regular elementary curriculum.
  • The unique purpose of the program is for students to develop skills to understand, speak, read, and write in Spanish as well as English.
  • Students receive the majority of their subject matter instruction in Spanish.

Open to all students in Bellevue…

Our program is open to all families with children that reside inside of the Bellevue School District attendance area. 

The Benefits of Learning a Second Language at an Early Age:

  • Encourages more flexible thinking
  • Gives a child the ability to communicate with people she/he would otherwise not have had the chance to know
  • Opens the door to other cultures and helps the child understand and appreciate people from other countries
  • Gives the child a head start in language requirements for college
  • Increases job opportunities in many careers where knowing another language is a real asset

“Research has shown that foreign language study in the early elementary years improves cognitive abilities, positively influences achievement in other disciplines, and results in higher achievement test scores in reading and math.” 

Stewart, J. H. (2005). Foreign language study in elementary schools: Benefits and implications for achievement in reading and math. Early Childhood Education Journal, 33(1), 11-16.

We expect our students to:

  • Achieve such a degree of proficiency in Spanish and English that they are able to continue their studies in both languages.
  • Perform as well as or better than their English counterparts on standards-based achievement tests administered in English.

Hard Work – Huge payoff

  • Students work very hard here.
  • The same Bellevue School District curriculum, but in Spanish.
  • At Tillicum, the International Spanish Academy (ISA) classes will be some of the most challenging classes your child will have.

A Family Commitment as well …

  • Numerous PTA events and activities
  • Involvement, support of child at home – English development
  • Recognition that outside of school activities need to keep Spanish in mind – S.O.S.

Middle School

  • 2 classes each year within the Spanish Academy
  • 6th – Spanish language, literature and culture Intro / Social Studies
  • 7th – Sp. Language, Lit and Culture L1 / Social Studies
  • 8th – Sp. Language, Lit and Culture L2 / Social Studies / DELE B1

High School

9th grade – AP Spanish Language

10th grade – Honors Hispanic Studies and Humanities

11th grade – AP Spanish Literature

12th grade – Honors International Spanish Academy/ DELE B2

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics:

Students + teachers + family = success

Family Engineering

Hour of Code – Computer Science Education Week


K-5 Computer Science & Coding

Science Engineering Challenges

21st Century Skills

  • Critical Thinking
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Computational Thinking
  • Technology
  • Core Subjects

Social-Emotional Learning Success!!!

©Washington State SEL Standards

©Our Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports Team for coordination

©Student Services Teams to support students, families and teachers

©3 School-wide expectations for simplicity and consistency

©K-5 common lessons to support students in common areas

©Monthly Virtues Assemblies

©Panorama Survey in grades 3-5 to get feedback from students

Kindergarten Transition

June:  Kinder Family Readiness Potluck


August:  English Reading Assessment & Kinder Camp       

ØDates TBD – Please plan to be available within last 2 weeks of August

Our School Day
9:05 AM – 3:35 PM
*End at 1:20 PM on Wednesdays

Bus Service

Ø6 Buses serving  Puesta del Sol

ØDistrict website for route information

ØBus service is free

Daily Kindergarten Schedule

  • Day starts at 9:05 AM and ends at 3:35 PM
  • Wednesdays end at 1:15 PM
  • Lunch at 11:25 AM and two recesses
  • Students experience Art, Music, Library and PE
  • Please note: We do not have a half-day kindergarten option

Kindergarten Lottery Applications


Due January 31st by 4:30 PM

Application Process

  • Applications will be submitted via an ONLINE process available on the school or District websites
  • An email confirmation will be sent to you
  • Families who do not have internet access may
  • Request a paper information form that will be entered into the online application process by Student Placement
  • These families will receive off-line communication regarding their application

Kindergarten Readiness

  • Must be 5 years old on or before August 31st
  • Early entrance testing is available
  • Readiness is important for both age, maturity, and skill development

Lottery Reminders

  • For a younger sibling to be guaranteed a spot because an older sibling is already attending the school, the application for the younger sibling must be submitted by the due date – January 31st at 4:30 PM.
  • If we do not receive an application by the due date, the younger sibling will not be accepted to the school
  • Applications received late or incomplete will not be accepted and the student will not be included in the lottery
  • Multiple applications for the same student will not be accepted and the student will not be included in the lottery
  • If you need to update an application, please contact Student Placement at

Lottery Notification

  • Notification of lottery results will be sent February 24-28
  • The lottery will be held at the District office and is not a public event
  • Residency verification will be required in the timeframe provided
  • If, after acceptance to the school, residency cannot be established in the timeframe required, the student will forfeit their place at the school and it will be offered to the next student on the waiting list

More Application & Lottery Info

  • In-District Siblings of K-12 Students fill up to 50% of the allotted slots.
  • Then In-District Residents
  • After allowing for siblings (50% of seats) lottery cards are pulled – up to 92 seats.
  • After 92 seats are filled, the process continues establishing the beginning of the waiting list.
  • Only one application may be submitted per student (twins have one lottery number but will take up 2 enrollment seats)
  • Siblings of current students still need to apply

Important Dates


Online applications available on BSD website; Computer available at Puesta del Sol

  January 31st, 2020

Deadline for
online application – 4:30 PM

February 24-28

Lottery results will be emailed to families.

Lottery Process

During Week of February 24-28

  • Check email for results
  • Please do not call as student names and information will not be given over the phone
  • If your child is accepted, registration packets will be available online.
  • If your child is NOT accepted initially, you will receive your child’s waiting list number in the email communication.

In order to be fair and transparent with all involved in this process, we cannot make exceptions.

Questions? Email
with your specific information
Or stop by our office.

Early Learning Preschool Program

Preschool Program Options-

Ø          Half Day (3 hours, limited schools)

Ø          School Day (6.5 hours Monday, Tuesday, Thursday &
Friday AND ½ day on Wednesday)

Ø          Extended Day (all day Monday-Friday)

Early Learning Preschool Program

  • Preschool is available at 16 of the 18 Elementary Schools, staffed by BSD employees.
  • Curricula- aligned with Kindergarten

Ø        OWL (Language and Literacy Based Curriculum)

Ø          Second Step (Social Emotional)

Ø          Dreambox (Math)

Handwriting without Tears

Extended Learning

  • Before and After School Programming at all 18 Elementary Schools

ØStaffed by BSD Employees

ØMonthly Curricula

ØHomework Support


ØPhysical Activity

Early and Extended Learning Registration

  • Registration for 2019-2020 School Year begins mid-February
  • Spaces fill fast so don’t hesitate to register!
  • Online registration forms will be available on the bsd website at
  • Preschool enrollment at a choice school OR dual language school does not guarantee a spot for Kindergarten in that same school.
  • Contact us at 425-456-4030 for more information!


Kindergarten Readiness – Is your child ready?

Children grow and develop in different ways and at different speeds. If you have concerns about their development talk to your preschool teacher, pediatrician or contact ChildFind at (425) 456-4171.


  • Knows letters and numbers are different
  • Names most letters of the alphabet
  • Makes many of the letter sounds
  • Enjoys reading books or being read to
  • Can hold a book carefully
  • Can draw most of the letters in their name
  • Understands letters can be made into words
  • Knows that words are a way that we can communicate with others



  • Plays well with other children
  • Says a child that they play with is their friend
  • Shares with others and is able to take turns
  • Can let an adult know if they need help
  • Tries to use words to solve a conflict



  • Speaks clearly so other people can understand their words
  • Is able to have a conversation
  • Can tell a simple story in any language



  • Gets from one place to another using different types of movement
  • Can hold a pencil



  • Is curious about new things or ideas
  • Can come up with ideas to solve a problem
  • Sorts objects by one or more feature
  • Remembers and retells a family activity



  • Counts the number of items in a group
  • Uses words like “all” and “some” to describe an amount of items


Spanish Immersion

Program (K-12)

Bellevue School District

Would you like your child to be bilingual and academically challenged? Puesta del Sol’s Spanish immersion program may be an excellent fit!

What is Spanish Immersion?

Launched in 1986, the Spanish Immersion Program is a choice program for students in the Bellevue School District.  It gives elementary students an opportunity to complete the school district curriculum in a nontraditional and exciting way—by immersing them in the Spanish language and culture from Kindergarten through Grade 12.  Students in the program become proficient in both Spanish and English while learning the same curriculum content as their peers outside the program.  How is this accomplished?  With lots of hard work, parental involvement and a dedicated staff!


How does this program differ from other Bellevue Schools?

Students in the Spanish Immersion Program are taught the standard Bellevue School District curriculum but receive instruction in Spanish.  Through instruction, students learn to understand, speak, read and write Spanish.  Classroom teachers have native or near-native fluency in the Spanish language.  By Grade 5, students from Puesta del Sol test at average or above grade level in core academic areas.


At the elementary level (K-5), students receive the majority of their instruction in Spanish.  Teachers speak Spanish to the students while ensuring they receive language comprehension support.  English reading and language arts are introduced in third grade.





In middle school, students take two classes in Spanish each year, Social Studies and Spanish Language, Literature and Culture.  Students receive high school elective credit for three years of Spanish Language, Literature and Culture.  The rest of their classes are taught in English.


Students in high school take one Spanish Immersion class each year:  AP Spanish Language in Grade 9, Honors Hispanic Studies and Humanities in Grade 10, AP Spanish Literature in Grade 11, and University of Washington Spanish 322 for UW credit in Grade 12. Students completing the Spanish Immersion Program will also receive an International Spanish Academy Diploma.














What if no one at home speaks Spanish?

That’s just fine.  Most of our families do not speak Spanish.  Many learn some Spanish over the years.  Report cards, notices and newsletters are issued in English.  Spanish homework assignments are not translated into English and it is not expected that parents will assist in Spanish homework activities.


Why choose the Spanish Immersion Program for my child?

Studies have found that learning a second language at an early age has many benefits:

  • There is a positive effect on brain development and intellectual growth.
  • Students gain flexibility in thinking, perspective taking, greater sensitivity to language, and a better ear for listening.
  • It opens the door to other cultures and helps children understand and appreciate people from other countries.
  • Students acquire Spanish language fluency.
  • Spanish Immersion produces successful learner who perform well on standardized achievement tests.
  • Students have increased job opportunities in

many careers where knowledge of another

language is an asset.


How will Spanish Immersion affect my child’s English skills?

English language instruction begins in third grade.  At that point, many students are behind their English-only peers in English reading and writing ability.  However, by Grade 5 their English skills are equal to or better than their peers.


Studies show that Spanish Immersion students perform well in English Language Arts, Math and other academic areas as well as, if not better than their monolingual peers on standardized achievement tests administered in English.











Are students in the Immersion Program screened for admission?

Children are not screened or pre-selected on the basis of IQ, previous language learning experience or other variables.  However, parents of children with auditory problems, language delays or other challenges to learning should seriously consider the appropriateness of this program for their child. If you have concerns about their development talk to your preschool teacher, pediatrician or contact ChildFind at (425) 456-4171.


What should parents think about when considering this program?

The best decision can be made by thoroughly exploring all aspects of the program and speaking with parents and students to learn about the benefits of language immersion.