Puesta del Sol Online Learning Guidelines

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As a Puesta del Sol Family, we value your partnership in your student’s education. These are challenging times that require creativity, flexibility, and patience. Every day we are committed to the academic and social emotional support of each and every one of our students, which is our passion and life’s work. To ensure that all our families receive the attention they deserve as we work together for our students, please be aware of the following guidelines for our school and for communicating with Puesta del Sol staff.


  1. Supporting Our Students’ Online Learning
    • Tips for Online Learning for Families
    • Message from Puesta del Sol Resource Room
    • Parent Support of Online Behavioral Expectations for Our Students and Online Safety
    • Microsoft Teams Meeting Time with Students
    • Online Behavioral Expectations for Our Students (English/ Spanish)
    • Student Guidelines for Chats and Direct Calls with Microsoft Teams
    • Accessing Digital Information
  2. Staff and Parent Connections
    • Best Ways to Communicate with Staff
    • Addressing Questions and Resolving Concerns
    • Confidentiality and Professional Boundaries


  1. Supporting Our Students’ Online Learning
  • Tips for Online Learning for Families

We hear the multitude of concerns, frustrations and needs coming from you. We hear you and understand that this a steep learning curve with many challenges, technology, language, stamina, emotions and more.

For the week of March 30th and until further notice:

  • Modify daily schedules as you see fit to meet the needs of your student/s. If your student needs to watch a video, read instructions or attend a live meeting and then complete the activity later or even another day, do it.
  • Stop when there are tears. If anyone is close to tears, stop, take a break come back at a later time, even days later.
  • Remember that different grade levels and teachers are learning and using technology at different rates. Learning WILL look different and that IS okay. We are all doing our best to serve students, but nothing can replace being in the classroom daily.
  • Remember that each student learns differently. We are providing materials for all students to access at home. Some materials may need to be modified based on what your student can do at home.
  • Encourage daily engagement in activities, even completion, but remember that this is a beginning, nothing is graded. We just want to connect with students, provide some feedback and engage students in fun learning opportunities.
  • If language is a barrier, try a different activity or have your student engage in an personal learning idea and share that with their teacher.

Thank you for your hard work at home, patience and grace. We are all practicing the virtue of flexibility in these trying times. We appreciate your partnership!

  • Message from the Puesta del Sol Resource Room

If your student receives Special Education services, here are some suggestions, with examples, on ways your student may access accommodations/modifications at home.

  • Modify the length of the assignment: Instead of doing all of the math problems, do half of the problems.
  • Break tasks into manageable parts: Rather than writing sentences for all of the vocabulary words at once, divide the words into three sets of vocabulary words. Then your student can write sentences for the first set of vocabulary words in the morning, another set in the afternoon and another set the next morning.
  • Access to a visual schedule: Your student can create a schedule for themselves that they can check off when they have completed an activity or print out the schedule that your teacher may have sent for the week.
  • Predictable daily routine: Create a consistent schedule that works for your student and family using the classroom teacher’s schedule as a guide.
  • Calming Area/Break Spot: Designate a place in your home for your student to use when your student needs to take a break. Set a time limit of 5-minutes so the student knows when to re-engage in the learning activities. [The calming area can include: soft pillows, a favorite blanket, books, a drawing pad with a pencil or colored pencils/crayons, photographs, etc.]
  • Positive encourage and reinforcement: Pat yourselves and your students on the back, give each other a hug or write your student a note about the amazing work being done. We’re all in this together!
  • Parent Support of Online Behavioral Expectations for Our Students and Online Safety

Engaging digitally is a wonderful tool for all of us, especially our students, in this time of physical distancing. However, it does pose a series of new challenges that we can surpass only by partnering together to teach and support our students. We have created a series of Online Behavioral Expectations for our students based on our 3 school-wide expectation: We Are Respectful, We Are Responsible, We Make Good Choices.

Here is how you can help:

  • We recommend you regularly monitor your child’s e-mail, chat, texts and cell phones and set a time at night for all technology to be turned off and charged.
  • Please help us reinforce the critical importance that students must always be respectful and kind to each other and their teachers online and must always use the tools given to them for their intended purpose. BSD Procedure 3241P prohibits a range of misconduct relevant to use of online tools, including things such as: teasing and/or taunting, computer misuse and use of cell phones in a manner that violates the privacy of others.
  • We recommend having your child work in a public space with the screen visible at all times for accountability and protection. During learning time, students should only be on websites assigned by the teacher or by you as the adult. No matter what they say, you are not invading your child’s privacy. You are protecting them.
  • Please help your child recognize, refuse, and report cyberbullying. Cyberbullying (bullying through social media, e-mail, chat, etc.) is a very real problem and it deeply hurts people whether they are students or adults. BSD Board Procedure 3207P states: “Conduct that rises to the level of harassment, intimidation and bullying may take many forms, including, but not limited to: slurs, rumors, jokes, innuendoes, demeaning comments, drawings, cartoons, pranks, ostracism, physical attacks or threats, gestures, or acts relating to an individual or group whether electronic, written, oral, or physically transmitted messages or images.
  • Please be sure your child knows that they must never record or post videos of their teachers on social media such as TikTok, Snapchat, or Facebook. The same applies to protecting students now that they can see each other as well through video. Videos posted by teachers are the property of the BSD and any recording or sharing is not allowed. They are intended to be used for educational purposes only.
  • Our district expectations and consequences regarding Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying apply in the virtual classroom as they would in the physical classroom. Also, as always, if you or your child witnesses someone being bullied online, you should report it to the teacher right away or through our district’s website (https://bsd405.org/help/report/).


  • Microsoft Teams Meeting Time with Students is prime learning time for our Spanish Immersion model while our school is closed.
  • For that reason, it is important that we sustain Spanish language use in these windows of live interaction with students.
  • Please help our students stay focused by removing any distractions such as young siblings, toys, etc. while they are meeting with us.
  • For younger students, it might take a few minutes for them to settle into learning mode. Please stay close to them to ensure engagement for the first few minutes of the video chat until they are settled in.Puesta del Sol Online Learning Guidelines
  • We cherish the time we have to connect with our students and foster the relationship we have with them. We usually do this in Spanish, as it is our target language. Often when parents join in the conversation, we are in a tough spot where we have to toggle back and forth between Spanish and English, and our students are the ones that miss out. We are here to teach our students, so please help them maximize their learning time.
  • If you wish to communicate with us, please email us or set up an appointment with us via email. Learning time is student time with us.
  • We do not consent to any of our live Teams sessions to be recorded nor for photos or screenshots to be taken. Pre-recorded content cannot be used for other purposes (e.g. sharing with unintended parties, uploading to other websites or sharing on social media, etc.). [Reference: RCW 9.73.030: Intercepting, recording, or divulging private communication – Consent required – Exceptions.]


  • Online Student Behavioral Expectations

Please ensure that you have a conversation with your student about these expectations. This includes the Student Guidelines for Chats and Direct Calls with Microsoft Teams below. Let’s partner on this to set our students up for success. ¡Gracias!

English Version

We are Respectful

(How I interact with others)

We are Responsible

(My personal attitude)

We Make Good Choices

(How I show leadership)

Online Learning
  • I take turns and make sure to listen to other
  • I use kind and respectful words and images
  • I respect the privacy of others and am considerate of their feelings
  • I always listen to my teacher and follow her/his instructions
  • I am respectful when I am participating with calm body, eyes on screen, volume 0, listening ears
  • I do my best effort in completing all my assignments
  • I use Teams, OneNote, Outlook, and other school technology for my learning only
  • If I get frustrated, I use my strategies to calm down
  • I know this is my learning time, so I stay seated in my work area
  • I stay focused on my screen
  • I support my classmates in their learning
  • I ask an adult or my teacher for help when I need it
  • I turn on my microphone and camera only when my teacher says I can
  • I say “pass” if it’s my turn and I don’t know what to say. I will be ready when it’s my turn again
  • I am prepared, have a good attitude, and am ready to learn

I Recognize, Report, and Refuse Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is bullying using electronic technology.

Bullying is when someone keeps being mean to someone else on purpose. The person it’s happening to hasn’t been able to make it stop. It is unfair and one-sided.




Versión en español

Somos respetuosos

(Cómo interactuó con los demás)

Somos responsables

(Mi actitud personal)

Tomamos buenas decisiones

(Cómo demuestro liderazgo)

Aprendizaje en línea
  • Tomo turnos y me aseguro escuchar a los demás
  • Uso palabras e imágenes amables y respetuosas
  • Respeto la privacidad de los demás y tomo en cuenta sus sentimientos
  • Siempre escucho a mi maestro/a y sigo instrucciones
  • Soy respetuoso cuando estoy participando con cuerpo quieto, ojos en la pantalla, volumen 0, oídos escuchando
  • Hago mi mejor esfuerzo en completar todas mis asignaturas
  • Uso Teams, OneNote, Outlook y otra tecnología de la escuela solo para aprender
  • Si me frustro, uso mis estrategias para calmarme
  • Sé que este es mi tiempo de aprender, así que me quedo sentado/a en mi área de trabajo
  • Me quedo enfocado en mi pantalla
  • Apoyo a mis compañeros en su aprendizaje
  • Pido ayuda a un adulto o maestro/a cuando la necesito
  • Enciendo mi micrófono y cámara solamente cuando mi maestro/a da permiso
  • Si es mi turno y no sé qué decir, digo “paso”.  Estaré listo/a cuando sea mi turno otra vez
  • Estoy preparado/a, tengo una buena actitud y estoy listo/a para aprender

Reconozco, Reporto y Rechazo el Ciberbullying

El ciberbullying es bullying usando tecnología electrónica.

El bullying es cuando alguien trata mal a otra persona una y otra vez a propósito. La persona que sufre de bullying no puede detenerlo. Es injusto y unilateral.


  • Student Guidelines for Chats and Direct Calls with Microsoft Teams
  • When teachers have Teams meetings with students, it could create a chat. This chat is only intended to be used while the teacher is meeting with the students, even though it might be available afterwards.
  • Students will have access to direct calls and chats starting this week, allowing students to set up their own communication with other students in their classrooms to build community.
  • Chats and calls should be limited to educational purposes.
  • Puesta del Sol does NOT allow for students to create polls on Microsoft Teams chats.
  • All chats will be recorded in the BSD secure system.
  • Students must never record with their cell phone or any other device any private calls or videos in any form.
  • Accessing Digital Information from the applications we are using in the Bellevue School District is new to many parents and has been new learning for us all. Here are some tips on what you need to do to access some of the information our staff is posting.


Student Portal


Dreambox, Typetastic,

Think Central

Code.org, Destiny, Student Email, Clever and more


To log into the student portal:  www.bsd405.org , then STUDENTS, then STUDENT PORTAL


BSD username and password:

Username:  lastnamefi@bsd405.org

(last name and first initial)

Password:  s#studentidnumber

(If your student id number is 012345, then password is s#012345)


Contact puestaattendance@bsd405.org to obtain your child’s username and password


*Dreambox is accessed through the Clever link on Student Portal

*Think Central is where you can access textbooks

*All students K-12 have an email inbox

*Students in grades K-8 can only receive email from BSD email addresses.

Questions about online learning resources can be directed to Coldironc@bsd405.org


Student Portal

 Office 365





And more!

*ALL students in BSD have a subscription to Office 365.  This includes Microsoft Word, Teams, and OneNote.  To access this from home; log into the Student Portal (www.bsd405.org à studentsàstudent portal); then click on the nine dots in the left hand corner:


This will bring up a list of  Microsoft Apps for your student to use:


If applicable, this is a fast way to access your student’s class Team and class OneNote!

Raz Kids


Please email coldironc@bsd405.org if you need your teacher’s username


Hardware Issues?


If you have hardware issues or become locked out of your child’s BSD account, then please reach out to Parenthelp@bsd405.org



  1. Staff and Parent Connections
  • Communicating with Us has shifted a bit from how we used to communicate when we were on campus. We no longer have access to our classroom phones and are doing most of our communicating via email.
  • You may receive a call from us from a random phone number if we call you via Microsoft Teams, or from an unknown number if we call you using *67 on our phones. We care about you and your student and would really appreciate it if you take our calls.
  • While we are working remotely and diligently to serve our students, we are on call during the regularly scheduled workday only. We make our best effort to communicate back with you as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience and will answer your emails within 2 school days.
  • Microsoft Teams is the tool that we are using in the Bellevue School District to hold meetings. We love that it allows us to hear and listen to you. If you would like to schedule a meeting with us, please let us know via email.
  • If you wish to book a meeting with Debra Miller, our guidance counselor, for you or your child, please visit the following link: https://outlook.office365.com/owa/calendar/MsMillersCalendar@bsd405.onmicrosoft.com/bookings/
  • If you wish to book a meeting with Angelie Duimovic, our assistant principal, for you our your child, please visit the following link: https://outlook.office365.com/owa/calendar/PuestadelSolElementarySchoolBellevueSchoolDistrict1@bsd405.onmicrosoft.com/bookings/
  • If you wish to communicate with our Bellevue School District Nurse Information and Resource Line, call 425-456-4444 between 9am and 12pm Monday through Friday, and then messages left will be answered in the next business day or click on “Contact us” – Let’s Talk https://bsd405.org/contact-covid-19-coronavirus-team/


  • Addressing Questions and Resolving Concerns

At Puesta del Sol, as in the Bellevue School District, we pride ourselves in a culture of service. We understand that questions and concerns may occasionally surface related to school operations, classroom practices or the overall instructional program.

  • Addressing questions and resolving concerns is important to our staff.
  • In accordance with Bellevue School District Procedure 4220P: Complaints Concerning Staff and Programs (Click here), remember to initiate communication with the individual directly responsible for the program, event, action or decision. For example, if you have a question or concern regarding a classroom procedure, contact the teacher directly to seek clarification and resolution, rather than contacting the building administrator.

If you feel the concern or informal complaint has not been resolved, you may initiate the formal complaint process as detailed in Procedure 4220P: Complaints Concerning Staff and Programs (Click here).

  • Confidentiality and Professional Boundaries

As staff communicate regularly with students and families each year, it is important that we consistently follow our professional responsibilities as school employees which are based on federal and state laws, and Bellevue School District policies and procedures.

Common examples which we are expected to follow include:

  • Safeguarding and not revealing private student information related to such things as medical/health information (e.g., allergies), an individual student’s unique educational program, attendance and grades, and corrective action in response to behavior infractions
  • Refraining from sharing personal information, employment concerns or other private information that does not have an educational purpose
  • Receiving gifts as long as they are consistent with Board Policy 5255: Gifts to Staff (Click here)
  • Addressing or avoiding potential conflicts of interest as detailed in Board Policy 5251: Conflicts of Interest (Click here) such as receiving payment for tutoring

In addition, we may choose to take additional steps to maintain professional boundaries with parents, including sharing personal information (e.g., cell phone number) and engaging with parents on social media.

At Puesta del Sol, we acknowledge that your family had a variety options for your student’s education and thank you for entrusting your student’s education to us and our fantastic Spanish immersion model. Let’s join hands and work together on this wonderful journey.