Fall 2019 Construction Update:

The new Puesta del Sol will be located at the existing Bellewood Elementary School site at 301 151st Place Northeast. This site was originally developed as a neighborhood school in the 1960s when the nearby single family neighborhood was constructed. Since the Bellevue School District’s capital facilities upgrades began in 2001 it has served as a temporary school during the construction of 14 different elementary programs spanning three voter-approved bond measures. Today the site is neighbored by single family neighborhoods to the east and south with city park land to the north and undeveloped private property to the west. The land to the north and west contain critical areas such as wetlands, steep slopes, and Kelsey Creek, limiting any future development.


The new Puesta del Sol design will be constructed roughly in place of the existing Bellewood buildings and will vary between one and two stories in height. The proposed site design will have reconfigured playfields, outdoor learning areas, and a garden as well as 110 parking stalls. Access will be from two existing driveways, with staff, bus, and delivery traffic entering from Northeast Fourth Place and all other traffic entering from 151st Place Northeast.


The city land use process for this project requires a conditional use permit per Land Use Code (LUC) 20.10.440, sub-note 25, because the proposed student capacity (650 students) exceeds the historic opening day enrollment of the site. In 1965, Bellewood opened with a population of 501 students. The conditional use permit is a Process III applications because the site is within the East Bellevue Community Council (EBCC) jurisdiction. Per LUC 20.35.300, the Director will make a recommendation to the Hearing Examiner, who will make a recommendation to the City Council for approval, approval with conditions, or denial. Once the City Council has provided a determination, the EBCC will be given an opportunity to approve or disapprove the decision. Prior to the city staff submitting their report to the director there will be a courtesy hearing before the EBCC. This will be held November 13th, at 6:30 PM at (Location TBD).


If community members want to stay informed about the Puesta del Sol Elementary School project as the city finalizes their review of the land use permits, 18-130014 LB and 18-130015 LO, there are several options:

  1. Submit comments to Toni Pratt (tpratt@bellevuewa.gov, 425-452-5374). Comments will be considered until the city makes a recommendation to the hearing examiner. Comments received after this time will be sent to the Hearing Examiner’s Office for inclusion in the public record.
  2. View the project files by submitting a public records request online at GovQA or by email dsrecords@bellevuewa.gov.
  3. Sign up for the Weekly Permit Bulletin to stay informed about public meetings and hearings: https://development.bellevuewa.gov/zoning-and-land-use/public-notices-and-participation.


Additional information is available at the Puesta del Sol Elementary School project webpage:




Starting in the 2021-22 school year, Puesta del Sol Elementary School will have a new location and a brand new building. The new school building will be constructed at the Bellewood site located at 301 151st PL NE, Bellevue, WA 98007.

Central Location for Our Students

Students who attend Puesta del Sol come from across the Bellevue School District. This map shows how each elementary school attendance area is currently represented at Puesta del Sol. Just over 61% of our students live north of I-90.

Benefits of Moving to the New Location

  • Central location will better accommodate students from across the entire school district
  • Only one move for students and staff
  • Location near Main and 156th offers more commuting routes to and from campus
  • An additional access point will alleviate campus traffic
  • Easier access for first responders in the event of an emergency
  • Equitable travel times for Puesta del Sol families
  • Parking for parents and staff greatly increased


March 2018
Architect is selected

March 2018
Design Committee* formed

April – June 2018
Staff provides input on the school design

May or June 2018
Community meeting to discuss design of the new school

August 2018
Building design developed

Oct. 2018 – Feb. 2019
Permit process begins with the City of Bellevue

October 2018
Community meeting

April 2019
Construction firm selected

January 2020
Construction begins

August 2021
Moving day!

Design Committee

The design committee is comprised of 6-8 staff members, 2 parents and 1-2 members of administration. The purpose of the design committee is to provide input and make decisions about the design process while working with district standards for elementary school design and construction. The design committee will be responsible for keeping school staff and parents apprised of the progress of the school design. All staff members will have input on the classroom design in terms of specific needs to deliver instruction to their students.

Our Promise

We will still provide transportation to and from school.

We will still have before and after school programming.

We will still have the early learning program on-site.

We will continue working with PTA to offer extracurriculars.

We will work with the community to review the building design.

We will work with families to address relocation concerns.


Is the district changing the International Spanish Academy feeder pattern?
No. Puesta del Sol students who choose to continue in the ISA program will still attend Tillicum Middle School and then have a choice between Newport High School or Sammamish High School.


If you have any additional questions or concerns, please email pubinfo@bsd405.org.

Update for October 15, 2018:
We are excited to see the final stages of the Puesta del Sol rebuild take shape during the 2018-2019 school year!

Currently, the Bellevue School District Capital Construction Project Management and CSM architects are working closely with the City of Bellevue on details related to the campus site and building design. We expect to resume our design work on the new building within the next few weeks, and will provide a more detailed update on next steps in the design process then.