Lunch Today

Chicken Tenders, Baked thick cut fries , and Honey Mustard Dip.


Totem Turkey Bowl

The Sammamish football program is hosting the 1st annual “Totem Turkey Bowl” this Friday, 4:00pm in the longhouse.  All are welcome to participate! Bring your team of 7, or come and join in with a team. Coed teams encouraged! 7 on 7, flag football rules … come have some fun together!

Volunteer Spellers Needed

Cherry Crest Elementary is holding a Spelling Bee Contest TODAY, Thursday, November 16 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. and need Sammamish High School students to volunteer as “spellers”.  This is a great event with a lot of participation from K-5 and great way to encourage the spelling chops of Cherry Crest Elementary students. This event also will count towards community service hours for those volunteers.

Volunteers can reach out to if interested.


paid job training | previous experience is a plus | part time childcare available

flexible schedules | work with your friends | part-time hours | free gym membership


Contact Melissa Ring | |


Contact Pennie Frantz | |

Accountant’s Office Closed

The SHS Accountant’s Office will be closed the entire week (11/13/2017 – 11/17/2017).  All fines and fees can be paid online here.

Totem Wear

This Friday, Totem Wear will be sold during both lunches.  Cash or check only please.  Location to be determined.

Jubilee Elves 2017

Jubilee Elves holiday program provides assistance to Bellevue School District families during Christmas. Jubilee REACH matches families with community sponsors to provide Christmas gifts.

If you have any questions contact Doris Trott at 425-256-2939.

Green Genius Cafeteria Challenge

Don’t forget to participate in the Green Genius Cafeteria Challenge on November 17 (Friday), by making sure to throw your trash, recycling and compost in the correct bin during lunch and to eat what you can eat so we can waste less food! Also, there will be an extra bin to throw your trays away on that day, so please do so. Remember, this is a competition against other high schools in the district, if we win, we get a prize to show how much Sammamish Totems care about the environment more than they do, so make sure to participate! Go Totems!

SHS Library Closures

We have another busy week in the library. Refrain from using the library porch during closures to eliminate any distractions to the learning environment. The Help Desk will be located right outside the library.

  • Thurs, 11/16: CLOSED periods 3, 5B (including 2nd lunch), and 7th for Health classes.
  • Fri, 11/17: CLOSED all day for state testing.

Seniors – Scholarship

If you are planning to attend college, junior college, or vocational college, a $2,500 Ewing C Kelly Scholarship may help you get started:

Online-fillable Application Form:

Hand Write-In Application:


The BOOM Experience is a program designed for male students that racially identify as Southeast Asian, Pacific Islander, African, Black, Latino, Native American or mix of any, who are in grades 7-12 in the Bellevue School District.

This program provides an opportunity for these students to connect, be inspired, find support and to be lead and taught by men who also racially identify like them. Students will spend the day learning and engaging in discussion around race, culture, leadership and self-empowerment.

While this event is designed especially to reach Southeast Asian, Pacific Islander, African, Black, Latino, Native American male students, the event is open to ALL students in grades 7-12.



Click on the link to register online:


Please fill out the permission slip, and have your parents sign and return it to Ms. Quintana in the main office. (There will be a BOOM inbox on her desk) 

Today’s Clubs

Journalism Club Mr. Leffler Library Thurs/7:55a.m.
Latino Heat Mrs. Quintana 308 Tues & Thurs/ 3:45-6:00p.m.
Journalism Club Mr. Leffler 611 Thurs/3:35p.m.
Homework Club Jubilee Reach Library Tues & Thurs/3:30p.m.
Hip Hop Club Ms. Pinter Atrium Tues & Thurs/3:30p.m.
Conservation Club Ms. Flikkema Room 327 Thurs/7:30-8:00a.m.

Alice In Wonderland

Tickets can be purchased at this link: