Principal’s Coffee

The meeting will take place on Thursday, March 18th, at 6:00pm. Families can join the meeting via this Teams link and submit questions prior here.  This meeting is being schedule at this time in anticipation of providing an update about the return to hybrid.  If there are no updates by Thursday, the meeting will be rescheduled for March 25th.   Stay tuned.

Return to In-Person (highlights of the message shared by BSD)

We are now working on planning to expand services for our secondary students in grades 6-12. To solidify our plans, we are requesting updated information from you regarding your preference for in-person or virtual instruction for your child.

Please complete the survey for your middle school and/or high school student(s) You will need to enter your student’s last name and ID. Please contact if you need assistance with determining your student’s ID number. A survey should be completed for each student independently. If you have questions, please contact your school after reviewing our Frequently Asked Questions.


Surveys must be completed by 10:00 PM on Tuesday, March 23, 2021.

The following is information that may help you in making your decision:

  • Switching Educational Models: In August you selected one of two learning models – virtual learning for the entire school year or temporary remote learning with the plan to return to in-person learning when feasible. We also stated that you would have the option to switch between learning models for those who want to utilize this option.

If you opt to switch learning models at this time, we want you to be aware that switching learning models may be like switching schools – new classmates, new teachers and new schedules – which can be disruptive to students in an already disruptive school year.  If you wish to change learning models, we will work to accommodate your request.

  • Schedule: To reduce class sizes to small groups of approximately 16 or fewer students, we split classes into two sections, Group A and B. Each group will receive an equal amount of in-person learning services.
  • COVID-19 Rates: The Department of Health decision tree for in-person learning does not tie re-opening schools for our youngest learners to specific infection rates. At this time, we are well within the department of health guidelines to serve elementary level students in-person. We will be providing these in-person services as long as permissible by the state Department of Health.
  • Timeline for the Return of Grades 6-12:  We are in the process of developing the timeline for the return of grades 6-12.  We will share more information when it has been finalized.

Class of 2021 (High School and Beyond Plan)

The information below was shared with our seniors last Thursday.  I am sharing here so that parents are aware of this requirement.  Also included below are links to a letter that includes timeline information and instructions for completing the HSBP.

You are receiving this reminder because you have one or more tasks to complete for the High School & Beyond Plan – HSBP!

The HSBP is a graduation requirement

The tasks that seem to produce the greatest number of questions are:

  • The Resume: read the instructions completely. If you upload an existing resume, please email me and I will mark the task complete –Naviance does not do that automatically for uploads. If you create a resume on Naviance, follow to attached instructions to the very end or it will not show a completed.
  • The Graduation Pathway: if you do not know how to answer this one, please contact your counselor. She can help you determine which option applies to you.
  • The 4 Year Course Plan: If there is not a class listed that exactly matches the one you are trying to enter, use a class that is close.

Letter to Seniors & Parents/Guardians (HSBP)

Instruction For Completing the HSBP

IEP 101 Parent Workshop

The March 23 IEP 101 Parent Workshop  event is part of the BSD and Special Needs PTA’s Family Resource Series.  The Bellevue Special Needs PTA and BSD’s Special Education Department are partnering to host this parent-focused workshop navigating the IEP process.

Pandemic EBT (P-EBT)

Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) Federal benefits will be issued to families for the 2020-21 school year.  Those who are eligible will automatically be mailed a P-EBT card with funds to purchase food while traditional breakfast and lunch services are not being provided in schools.  P-EBT cards can be used to purchase food anywhere that accepts EBT- even farmers markets or online at Amazon or Walmart!

The Bellevue School District acknowledges that we learn, work, live and gather on the traditional lands of the Coast Salish Peoples. We honor with gratitude the land itself and the Coast Salish Peoples of our region, past, present and future.