Dear Sammamish Students & Families –

In preparation for the return of students for the hybrid learning model later this week, we wanted to provide details to help your student have a successful day back on campus at Sammamish High School. This communication mainly targets the timing and procedures for the hybrid sessions offered this week. We will send out more targeted messaging regarding the hybrid learning model and schedule beginning on Monday, April 26th, in the coming weeks for families. We apologize in advance for the length of this communication, but there’s a lot to cover.

Your student has been assigned to a Hybrid House. “Hybrid Houses” are assignments we have assigned students to in order to facilitate smaller class sizes and to form cohorts that limit the number of contacts students have onsite. Hybrid House A students will be learning in-person at SHS on Thursday, April 8th, and will attend classes virtually on Friday, April 9th. Hybrid House B Students will be learning in-person at SHS on Friday, April 9th, and will attend classes virtually on Thursday, April 8th.

Safety Procedures & Mitigating Measures:

Your students, and by extension, your family’s safety is a priority.  The following measures are required to help mitigate the risk of COVID-19 exposure in our building:

  1. Hand Washing/Sanitizing is required – Students will sanitize their hands at entry and when they enter every classroom. Desks/Chairs are sanitized between students to minimize the risk of transmission through shared spaces and furniture.
  2. Student Temperature Screening – Students will have their temperature taken, before entering the building. Any student with a verified temperature of 100.4° will not be admitted and contacts will be notified with next steps.
  3. Daily Health Attestation Screening for Students & Staff – All staff and students onsite must complete a daily health attestation via BSD Health Check.
  4. Mask Use is Required – All students and staff must wear appropriate personal protective equipment, which includes masks. If you have concerns about this, please reach out to our Nurse, Lori Wheatley (
  5. Physical Distancing – All of our classrooms and educational spaces have been set up with a minimum of 6 feet of distance between student seats.
  6. Building Ventilation – Systems in all BSD schools have been set to pull in air from outside. District buildings have multiple layers of MERV 8-13 filters in place that are changed every three months. Occupied spaces are filtered multiple times by different equipment, such as Heat Pumps, DOAS (Dedicated Outside Air Supply) and Heat Recovery Units.

Before Arriving at SHS – Complete Student Health Attestation
All students/families are required to attest to their student’s health prior to arrival, using the Bellevue School District’s Health Check website. To complete your student’s health attestation, please visit: – This link is also available on the SHS main webpage, at the top and on the right.

To register your student’s attestation for the day, please enter their last name and BSD Student ID. On the next page, review the symptoms and exposure scenarios in the first two sections:

  • If any of these apply, be sure to check the box, before selecting Submit. You must follow the directions provided in Health Check for your student to be allowed entry to our site. A member of our BSD Contact Tracing Team will contact any student’s family that attest positive to COVID-19 symptom/exposure to provide more details on what to do next.
  • If after reviewing all of the symptoms and exposure scenarios on the form and none of them apply to your student, check the box for “I have reviewed the symptoms and questions, and none apply today” then select Submit.

Attestations must be completed every day your student will be on campus. These attestations may be completed by the student themselves or their family. Students arriving without a completed attestation will be required to complete it onsite.

**Please remember that current health code direction advises that anyone who has traveled outside the state or internationally should self-quarantine at home for 14 days after returning. If this applies to your family, please follow this direction before participating in this program***

Requirements to Participate in Hybrid Learning

To maintain safety within our building, students and staff must adhere to the following requirements:

  • Masks must be worn at all times
  • Physical Distancing must be adhered to and occupants must stay 6 feet apart
  • Occupants will be expected to sanitize their hands at entry and wash/sanitize their hands frequently throughout the day

Students that do not adhere to the above, will not be allowed to continue onsite for the day. Contacts will be notified and asked to come pickup or release their student for the day.

If you have any concerns about the above requirements, please reach out to your student’s administrator.

Student Entry Procedures

Students will enter our building through one of the three following entrances:

  1. Main Entrance (Located in the Southwest Corner of the 2nd Floor):
    • Open to 0 Period Students from 6:45am – 7:00am
    • Open to All Students from 7:30am – 12:00pm
  2. Performing Arts Center Entrance (Located in the middle of our building on the 1st floor):
    • Open to All Students from 7:30am – 8:05am
  3. Gym Doors (West-facing gym doors on the 2nd floor):
    • Open to All Students from 7:30am – 8:05am

Only students will be allowed entry – We ask that families stay in their vehicle and/or do not walk-up to the school entrance. If families feel their student must be accompanied to the entrance, please reach out to your student’s administrator with these details and to discuss arrangements.

When students arrive, the following steps will happen to get them into the building:

  1. They will queue in line, 6 feet apart from other students as they wait to be screened into the building.
  2. They will be greeted by a staff member, who will take their temperature, ask a few brief screening questions, ask them to sanitize their hands, and remind the student to complete their health attestation through BSD Health Check. Any student with a temperature of 100.0°F or greater will not be allowed access to the building and contacts will be notified and asked to either release the student home or come pick them up.
  3. After temperature screening, students will then be allowed entry to our building. Once inside, students should proceed to their 1st period class assignment. For students unfamiliar with our building, we have attached our building map here.

Class Schedule for 04/08/2021 & 04/09/2021:

The schedule for this Thursday and Friday is as follows:

Period Times
1 8:00am – 8:30am
2 8:35am – 9:05am
3 9:10am – 9:40am
4 9:45am – 10:15am
5 10:20am – 10:50am
6 10:55am – 11:25am
7 11:30am – 12:00pm


Late Arrivals/Early Release & Visitor Information

Early Release Information

For students needing to be released early for the day, contacts must notify the Main Office by calling (425) 456-7600 and let the staff member taking the call know what time the student is to be released. The Main Office will notify the student and coordinate release from the Main Entrance. Families picking up their student should wait in their car at the base of the cement stairs, by our school’s flagpole. To make this process as seamless for you as possible, please make every effort to notify the Office of this at least an hour in advance.

Visitor & Item Dropoff Information

At this time, only staff and students are allowed entry into the building. Parent(s)/guardian(s) needing to discuss and/or problem solve a situation and/or in need of information should email relevant school personnel or contact the Main Office at (425) 456-7600 with those details.

Parent/guardian dropoff of items during the school day is limited to emergency items only (medication, food due to dietary restrictions, personal hygiene needs, etc.). Families must contact the Main Office to coordinate the dropoff of these materials. For required or life-saving medications or medical orders that apply to your student, please make arrangements to exchange these with our School Nurse, Lori Wheatley (, prior to your students first day of in-person learning.

Drop-off of non-emergent needs will be prohibited. This includes, though is not limited to, homework left at home, musical instruments, PE attire, and after-school activity equipment.

Meal Service

For this week, we will not be able to offer grab and go meals for students when they leave school at 12:00pm. Students/Families will need to retrieve their meals between 3:00pm and 4:00pm, using our drive-thru pickup in the school drive lane. We are planning to make meals available for students to grab and go after school, beginning on Monday, April 26th.

Food and snacks are not permitted for consumption in the building, since we do not have a means to provide all students with the spacing necessary to unmask and eat safely. For students with dietary or medical needs that must eat during the day, we ask families to reach out to our School Nurse, Lori Wheatley ( to make these arrangements.

Students may have beverages, while in the building. We ask students to only unmask to drink, when they are 6 feet away from another student, and replace their mask shortly-thereafter. The school water bottle fillers are on, but the drinking fountains are not available for use.

End of Day/Dismissal

Dismissal will begin at 12:00pm and students will be dismissed, based on their location in the building, to limit crowding. This process may take 5 – 10 minutes to complete and if your student needs to leave right at 12:00pm, please let the Main Office know (425-456-7600).

We appreciate your partnership and understanding in participating with these measures, as they are key to helping maintain safety for all. Please reach out to your student’s administrator with any questions you have about this process. We are looking forward to working with your students on site again!

Best regards,

SHS Staff

The Bellevue School District acknowledges that we learn, work, live and gather on the Indigenous Land of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Duwamish and Snoqualmie Tribes. We thank these caretakers of this land, who have lived and continue to live here, since time immemorial.