SHS Daily Bulletin 06/01/2022

Wednesdays (Block Periods 2, 4 & 6):

Class Period Start End
Zero Period 7:00am 7:50am
Period 2 8:00am 9:30am
Period 4 9:35am 11:05am
Period 6 11:10am 12:40pm
Grab & Go Snacks 12:40pm 12:55pm

Need to know what lunch you have? Check out the lunch assignments, based on your 5th period class here! Access the printable bell schedule here!

Lunch Special:

Turkey & Cheese Deli Sandwich with Multigrain Chips

Seniors : 

Check your email for information that is needed regarding graduation!

Attention Seniors:

Thank you so much for taking the time to share which staff members you felt should represent you at graduation. With that said, the votes have been counted and your staff speaker for graduation is Mr. Kendrick and your name readers are Ms. Fyten and Ms. Flikkema! Congratulate them when you see them!

Cap and Gown:

If you ordered your Cap and Gown from Jostens and were not able to make it to the distribution day last week, please come to the main office to check and see if your cap and gown is here. Please note, we cannot give you a friends gown, each student must pick up their own gown! Congratulation Seniors, Graduation is only a few weeks away!

Yard Sign:

Want a graduation yard sign? If you do, here is the link to purchase one: Signs are $10.95 and can either be picked up at Winners or mailed.

Senior Slideshow Pictures:

If you want to see a senior slideshow at breakfast, make sure to submit pictures to the email Get those photos in no later than Friday, June 3rd.

Senior Prom: 

Senior PROM is almost here! Don’t miss out on this fun night with friends at MOPOP on June 10th from 8-11pm

Prom ticket deadline is this Friday June 3rd!!!!

$30 with ASB, $35 without ASB & $40 for non-SHS guests

Tickets are free for students with a F/R fee waiver but you MUST STILL PROCESS the ticket purchase online or with Mrs. Healy

Guest forms are available outside the accounting window and must be completed and turned in prior to purchasing Guest tickets. Do not wait until the last minute to get parent & school admin signatures!!!

Former Spiritridge Alumni

Please join us for a short reception to celebrate together along with other Spiritridge Panther alumni and former teachers and staff. Please pass on this invitation to other classmates who might be graduating from school outside BSD.  Bring your cap and gown for a group picture.

When: Wednesday June 1st at 3:00-3:30pm

Where: Spiritridge Elementary

Who: Graduating Seniors of Class of 2022 Spiritridge Alumni (parents are welcome)

What: A chance to see former classmates and teachers


Come to Junefest on June 1st (pun intended) and celebrate the beginnings of June with your fellow Redhawks! Enjoy a variety of fun field day games, including a classic capture the flag game and a not so classic 7 legged race! Plus, grab your blankets and food for a picnic on the front lawn! We hope to see you there!

Class of 2025 is Hosting an Ice Cream Social!

Come join us for a sweet treat ($1 for ice cream), music, and hanging out on Friday, June 3rd right after school on the lawn behind Sammamish.

Bring a picnic blanket, games and stay a while!



Head to Menchie’s (@Kelsy Creek)  June 1 from 2pm to 8pm for a yummy treat and help raise funds for the Class of 2023 PTSA Fundraising Committee for grad night! Show flyer or mention SHS Class of 2023 at checkout to help. See you there!

Anime Club Announcement:

Anime club is cancelled for Friday (6/3)

Mariachi Club:
Mariachi will be meeting on the 7th. If you borrowed a guitar for Mariachi please be sure to return it to Mrs. Davis after school. If you are interested in checking out Mariachi come by! Email Mrs. Davis if you want more information.

Annual Hot Glass  Spring Sale!!

Wednesday, June 1st from 4-6 pm

SHS Glassblowing Studio

Cash or Check. All proceeds benefit the Glassblowing Classes!

Notes from the Librarian (Ms. Miller-

SHS Library News:

SHS Library Closures:

  • Wednesday, June 1st: Library closing early at 12:40pm
  • Thursday, June 2nd: Library has been scheduled for 7th period AVID college presentations
  • Friday, June 3rd: Library closed for make-up testing.

May is Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, which celebrates the lives and contributions of inspiring Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders through various mediums. See links below to read about some fun facts for AAPI Heritage Month. Search for books from Asian American and Pacific Islander authors to include in your reading list, from prize-winning fiction to graphic novels, essays, and memoirs.

PRO TIP: Access our library catalog online through Clever app or the student portal.

And don’t forget to download and save your FREE Summer Audiobooks for Teens through!  Happy Reading!

Friendly Reminders:

  • As a safety precaution, ALL students must sign in & out of the library, including those with an open period, running start schedule or travel period. Students must have a pass from class and show it to library staff. The sign in sheet is located on the counter by the main doors. If you need to take a quick break, please ask for a shiny, new hall pass from Mrs. Miller.
  • Return your library materials in a timely fashion so that other students and staff members can also borrow them! Check our inbox for an overdue notice. You can simply reply to Mrs. Miller to request to renew your Item for an additional 3 weeks.
  • Do you eat lunch in the library?
    • Be considerate and do NOT knock on the south exit doors to enter the library. Enter through the main doors to keep disruptions at a minimum. Did you know we have…
      • students who regularly attend their running start classes online in the library?
      • staff members working in the office by the south exit doors?
      • testing, classes, events & meetings scheduled in the library?
    • Remember to do our part! Wipe down your space, throw away your trash, return your chair back to where you found it, and mask up when you’re done eating.
    • Students will be asked to leave if they are not following these expectations for the library

Mental Health Weekly Challenge:


Teachers – if you are willing, here’s a quick mindful breathing exercise you can lead your students in. Otherwise, here is a video option:

Benefit: Activation of the parasympathetic nervous system dissolving stress and anxiety

Mindful breathing for one minute. Lower your eyes and notice where you feel your breath. That might be the air going in and out at your nostrils or the rise and fall of your chest or stomach. If you can’t feel anything, place your hand on your stomach and notice how your hand gently rises and falls with your breath. If you like, you can just lengthen the in breath and the out breath or just breathe naturally. Your body knows how to breathe. Focus on your breath. When your mind wanders, as it will do, just bring your attention back to your breath. You might like to say ‘thinking’ when you notice your thoughts and just gently shepherd your attention back to your breath. This can be done for longer than one minute. However, even for one minute it will allow you to pause and be in the moment. Or you might just like to breathe out stress on the out breath and breathe in peace on the in breath.



Teachers – if you are willing, here’s a quick mindful breathing exercise you can lead your students in. Otherwise, here is a video option:

Benefit: Activates and strengthens the prefrontal cortex

One Minute Breathing Meditation

  • Begin by sitting in a comfortable position
  • Soften or close your eyes and direct your awareness to your breath
  • Breathing gently and naturally, simply follow the rhythm of your breath
  • As you breath in, feel your stomach and lungs expanding
  • As you breath out, letting go
  • Breathing in, feel your body getting fuller
  • Breathing out, letting go of any tension or stress
  • Breathing in, feeling alive and awake
  • Breathing out, feeling relaxed and calm
  • On your final breath, lengthening the breath and breathing in deeply
  • And slowly letting it go

Notes from the College & Career Advisor (Ms. Lopez-Kopp – 

The Bellevue School District acknowledges that we learn, work, live and gather on the Indigenous Land of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Duwamish and Snoqualmie Tribes. We thank these caretakers of this land, who have lived and continue to live here, since time immemorial.