Mondays, Tuesdays, & Fridays (Periods 0 – 7):

Class Period Start End
Zero Period 7:00am 7:50am
Period 1 8:00am 8:50am
Period 2 8:55am 9:50am
Period 3 9:55am 10:45am
Period 4 10:50am 11:40am
Period 5a 11:45am 12:35pm
1st Lunch 11:45am 12:15pm
Period 5b 12:20pm 1:10pm
2nd Lunch 12:40pm 1:10pm
Period 6 1:15pm 2:05pm
Period 7 2:10pm 3:00pm
Tutorial 3:00pm 3:30pm

SHS Lunch Special:

Fish Basket: Alaskan Pollock Wedge with Baked Fries, Wheat Roll & Tartar Sauce

Parking Pass:

Students make sure to have your parking pass hanging from your rearview mirror. We will be giving tickets. You should NOT be parking in visitor or staff parking. You will be receiving a ticket if you don’t have your pass hanging or if you are parked in the wrong lot/parking spot.

IF you are in need of a parking pass – make sure to see Ms. Olsen (The ACCOUNTANT) in order to purchase a parking pass.

Yearbook Announcements

  • Students please start sending in pictures from the different events that have happened this year so far (homecoming, fright fest, any sport games, assembly’s etc. Please send them to Make sure to include names (First and Last name) of the students that are in the photo and grade.
  • Attention Seniors: Its time to start submitting senior quotes – Use this link to submit senior quotes. As a reminder, make sure that the quote is appropriate, administration will be reading each and every quote (we have the right to pull them they become inappropriate)
  • Seniors: Make sure to check your email – link has been sent to submit senior pictures

SHS Annual Holiday Glass Sale!
Wednesday Dec. 7th  

SHS Glass Studio


Please bring your own bag and we accept cash/check

Journalism Club Announcement: 

Journalism Club is holding a winter themed art competition for the Redhawk Talk! Comic strips, drawings, paintings, and photos are accepted, and will be judged on creativity, originality,  connection to the theme (winter!), and overall quality. The winning entries will be printed in our first semester print edition of the Redhawk Talk, our school newspaper. Please submit a clear photo or scan of your artwork via email to Maya Gheewala ( or Ada Lewis ( by December 16th at 4pm.

*Please keep in mind that artwork will be printed in black and white in the school paper*

Want to help with the process of superintendent:

Did you know that we will be hiring a new Superintendent and you can participate?

The BSD Board of Directors will have several stakeholder interview panels (students, staff and community) and ask interested person who want to interview  superintendent candidates, complete the form for students, below. Interviews are scheduled for January 2023.

Hear from fellow student Nathan Kim, about the search and why he thinks its important to be involved.

Forms must be completed and submitted no later than December 1, 2022. To access the form, click the link below for the group that best describes your role in the school district:

Student Interest Form

Parent/Guardian/Community Member Interest FormYou can remind your parents too!

From the Attendance Office:

Do you have travel plans scheduled in the coming weeks or months? Be sure to pick up the required Pre-Arranged Absence form in the main office. This form is taken to all of your teachers for signatures and notes, must be signed by your parent or guardian and then turned in for principal approval. They are due a week in advance. Students can be granted UP TO 5 days per school year for this purpose, so use them wisely!

Remember, you always need a tardy pass when you are late to class. This is the only way to have your attendance updated accurately. The kiosks use your Student user name and your password, so get familiar with both if you aren’t already.

Robotics Team Announcement: 

Come support our Sammamish robotics teams by coming to the annually hosted ‘Silent Auction’. We will auction off various different items such as sports tickets, drones, gift cards, etc. Online auctions will be hosted from November 29th to Dec 2nd, and the in-person auction will be hosted here at our Sammamish atrium on Saturday, December 3rd from 4-6pm. For more information go to the link provided! Hope to see you there!

Bellevue Youth Link:

Middle and High school leadership and community service program in the City of Bellevue. Take the opportunity to engage in your community, but most importantly get your voice heard.

More info on: Bellevue Youth Link | City of Bellevue (

Apply: Bellevue Youth Council | City of Bellevue (


Programa de liderazgo y servicio comunitario para los jovenes en la ciudad de Bellevue. Toma la oportunidad de participar en tu comunidad, pero lo más importante es que se escuche tu voz.

Mas informacion de: Bellevue Youth Link | City of Bellevue (

Envíenos un correo electrónico para aplicar:

SHS Library News:

SHS Library News:

Note these upcoming library closures:

  • Tuesday, Nov. 29th: Entire Library will be CLOSED every Tuesday after school at 3pm.
  • Wednesday, Nov. 30th: Entire Library will be CLOSED all day for OECD testing. Students who regularly sign into the library will need to report to the cafeteria instead. Please do NOT disturb testing in progress.
  • Tues, Dec. 6th: Entire Library will be closed p. 1-4 for ASVAB testing. Students who regularly sign into the library will need to report to the cafeteria instead. Please do NOT disturb testing in progress.

Please remember to return your library materials on time, or request to renew for additional time!

NEW books! Check out our newly added books in our library. Visit Destiny Discover to browse our library catalog and place a HOLD on items you’d like to borrow.

Come visit the library and learn about Chinese cities!
Our Chinese 4 and AP class has created beautiful posters and dioramas of some incredible Chinese cities for you to learn about. Learn about the mountains of Kunming, the huge spanning bridges of Chongqing, the Venice-like city of Suzhou, and more! The posters and dioramas are placed in the non-fiction section of the library, check them out before or after school!

Chinese city scapes 1
Chinese city scapes 1

Chinese city scapes 2
Chinese city scapes 2

Chinese city scape 3

Chinese city scape 3

Upcoming Events & Deadlines:

Upcoming College Visits, November 29th – December 2nd at 3pm:

Tuesday: Pacific Northwest College of Art
*Registration is not required. For the full list of colleges visiting, please use Naviance. If you have questions regarding college visits, please email Ms. López-Kopp (

The Bellevue School District acknowledges that we learn, work, live and gather on the Indigenous Land of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Duwamish and Snoqualmie Tribes. We thank these caretakers of this land, who have lived and continue to live here, since time immemorial.