**All Bellevue schools will be closed Monday, February 19-Friday, February 23.**
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**All Bellevue schools will be closed Monday, February 19-Friday, February 23.**
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  1. Are Seniors the only one that can change their photos?
    1. Yes, SENIOR students are the only grade that can submit a different photo than the one that is used from picture day.
  2. What are the requirements for photos?
    1. We ask that we see students face! We want to celebrate this milestone and make sure they have an amazing keepsake in the high school yearbook. When the link is sent, YOU as a student will be able to submit the photo. I DO NOT submit them to the system, you do. PLEASE make sure that you submit them, not a photographer or anyone else other than the student!!  The system will tell you the guidelines once you are ready to submit! When you submit the photo will be blurry, but trust me it will not PRINT blurry in the yearbook!
  3. When will the link be sent out?
    1. The publishing company is still working on adding all the names and photos that need to go in. Once they are done, I will be able to send out an email to SENIOR parents for AD’s ONLY!  Students will submit  their students Senior Photo if they choose too!
  4. What are Grad Ad’s? What about  purchasing a Grad Ad?
    1. A Grad Ad is a tribute page to your senior! Parents will purchase one and the system will allow you to submit baby picture and photos of your student to help celebrate their accomplishments. You will be able to design the page and construct it as you wish! Think of it as a picture collage for your senior!
    2. Grad Ad’s will be sold through the publishing company. I will also send out an email about that to parents. The following sizes will be avaliable for purchase and will priced as followed:
      1. 1/8th of a Page: $45
      2. 1/4 of a Page: $80
      3. 1/2 of a Page: $110
      4. Full Size Page: $180
  5. When are they due?
    1. Both Senior Photos and Grad Ad’s will be due on February 2nd, 2024. Grad AD’s need to be finished to be publish ready by February 5th, 2024!
  6. Worried, concerned, ?
    1. Do NOT worry and panic. Everyone is on time and I will do my best to ensure that everyone is aware about deadlines ahead of time!
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