Who is it for?

For students entering grades 9-12 next fall at Sammamish, Interlake or Big Picture


August 15 – 23, 2017


9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.


Registration for Sammamish Leads 2017 has ended.

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Sammamish Leads is open to all students entering grades 9-12 at Sammamish, Interlake and Big Picture. If the program is filled to capacity, we give first priority to students that would be the first in their family to go to and graduate from college. Interest in Leads is growing, however we still anticipate being able to serve all students who are interested in participating in the program this summer.

Students who attend Sammamish Leads will be presented with a diverse group of challenges to work on. We work with local businesses and organizations to develop real-world situations for students.

Challenges for 2017:
City of Bellevue Challenge:
Bellevue is growing and the need for improved transportation, commercial, neighborhood, and entertainment areas is increasing. Work with City Planners to transform Bellevue into a city of the future. Students with a passion for the urban environment, real estate, and access to goods and services will advise planners as the community is transformed.
Integrus Architecture Challenge:
Students will help a local architecture firm develop design ideas for a new project. Past project has included school libraries, play structures, and commercial venues. Students with a passion for imagining, designing, and building will collaborate to create concept proposals with practicing architects on a current project.
MonoMyth Theatre Challenge:
Have you ever wanted to put on your own play? Students will work with experts from MonoMyth Theatre to write, direct, act, stage, and produce a short play. Groups of 6 to 10 students will be given the challenge of using a common prop, line, and character. The rest is up to your imagination! No prior theater experience is needed, just an enthusiasm for collaborating in a creative atmosphere.
University of Washington Physical Therapy Challenge:
Students will work with the Department of Physical Therapy at the UW to understand types of physical therapy and help plan a fitness event for people in our community with physical therapy needs. Students interested in fitness, sports science, physical or occupational therapy, or an interest in young people with physical disabilities will have an opportunity to experience the profession as well as help solve therapy needs in our community.


Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Challenge:
Students will work with Bill and Melinda Gates foundation staff to solve problems in education, health, and/or global development. The Gates Foundation believes that “every person deserves a healthy, productive life.” This challenge will give students an opportunity to make a local or global difference in this health and productivity mission.


Foundry 10 Challenge:
Are you interested in exploring the career path of an inventor, a programmer, or an engineer?
Work with experts from Foundry 10 and the Sammamish Robotics Team to build your own Sumo Robot! Your team’s robot will compete in a Sumo tournament at the end of the week. No prior experience with programming, robot building, or engineering required.

It is our goal that each and every student who attends the program:

  • Achieve a basic level of fluency in the vocabulary of an industry
  • Analyze an authentic problem or challenge in an industry of choice
  • Identify prior knowledge and skills applicable to a problem or challenge
  • Identify gaps in knowledge and skills
  • Research knowledge and skills to solve a problem/challenge
  • Utilize expertise among peers, industry professionals, teachers, and community at large
  • Collaborate with classmates to solve problems and present solutions to industry professionals
  • Effectively communicate solution to problem/challenge through written text and oral presentation


The Leads program is generously supported by the Bellevue Schools Foundation. This inclusive program encourages participation from all students regardless of income. Tuition is based on free or reduced meal eligibility.

Meal Status Tuition Cost
Full Price Meal $200
Reduced Price Meal Free
Free Meal Free


Sammamish High School

100 140th Ave SE, Bellevue, WA 98005


Transportation is not provided. Parents and students are responsible for safely getting to and from the summer program.


Lunch will be available for purchase at the same rate students paid during the school year.