What is Residency?

State law requires that a student reside within the district boundaries to be eligible for enrollment, or have been approved for an interdistrict transfer. Residency is the physical location where the student resides. For families with shared custody (i.e. divorced, separated) this is generally defined as the location where a student spends a minimum of four nights a week. A student must live within the Bellevue School District attendance boundaries and establish residency to be eligible for enrollment.

Residency Verification

Parents sign a Residency Verification Form as part of the registration process, which includes these statements:

  • Home visitation and/or other residency verification are used periodically to confirm current residency.
  • The District will investigate all cases where it has reason to believe that residency status has changed and/or false information has been provided, which may include the use of private investigators to verify residency status. Verification may include home visits.
  • Investigations that reveal students have enrolled on the basis of providing false information will be cause for revocation of the student’s school assignment and withdrawal from the District.

Misrepresentation of residency information or failure to follow through with the statements in the Residency Verification Form will result in withdrawal from the district and may result in referral to the District’s legal counsel for further action.

There is no provision for families who live in the region to claim residency in the Bellevue School District because they have made arrangements for their child to live with another family member or friend who lives in the District.

Due to unprecedented growth and over-crowding at most of our schools, we cannot allow students to selectively reside with family members or friends for the purpose of attending school.

Residency Checklist

After moving to the Bellevue School District, all families are required to establish residency prior to student enrollment. To verify residency, parents/guardians must provide two of the items listed below (each bullet counts as one item). You will need to provide the full documents (scanned, PDF or photo of full document), please save the documents with your student’s full name. Save these documents to your computer using this naming format – LAST NAME (all capital), first names of all students you are enrolling: for example:  SMITH-KELLY, John, Joe, Sue.

The mailing and service addresses on the documents must be in the parent’s name and match the address of your Bellevue School District residence. All documents to establish residency must be current.

  • Unexpired Lease Agreement (must be signed by both parties with 2 months cancelled checks or proof of online banking payment of lease)
  • 2 Utility Bills (2 consecutive utility bills from the same utility company dated within the last 3 months. Accepted utilities include water, sewer, gas, electricity, or garbage (the mailing and service address must be the residence address). Cable, internet and phone bills are not accepted.
  • Government Mail (e.g. vehicle registration, Good to Go! bill, letter from Social Security, immigration, unemployment, health finder exchange, DMV, USPS Change of Address confirmation letter, or election ballot. Correspondence from the Bellevue School District does not qualify as Government Correspondence)
  • Homeowner’s Insurance Policy Declaration (current year)
  • Property Tax Bill (must have been received in the mail, not printed off a website, current year)
  • Redacted 1099 or W-2 with social security number and dollar amounts blacked out (most recent)
  • If you are part of the Washington State Address Confidentiality Program, an official letter from the Address Confidentiality Program stating the attendance area school fulfills the requirement to establish residency in the Bellevue School District. You must submit a renewed letter to the school each year.

Do you have at least two bullet items from the Residency Checklist? If yes, you may continue with the enrollment process. Go to Enroll Your Student.

Do you only have one or fewer items?  Please visit the Enroll Your Student webpage to complete the enrollment process. You will  upload the residency documents you currently have with your enrollment packet. Student Placement will contact you to complete a residency agreement.  Once you have signed the residency agreement, your student’s enrollment documents can be processed.

Residency Checklist:

Residency Agreement

If you are unable to provide two of the above items, you will need to complete a residency agreement before you can enroll your student. The Student Placement office will work with you to create a Residency Agreement that will give you extra time (typically about two months) to collect the needed documents.

  • Please follow the instructions on the Enroll Your Student webpage and upload the residency documents you have at this time with your enrollment packet.
  • Renters must upload a signed lease agreement signed by both parties (all pages up to and including the signature page) and proof of paid first month’s rent in the form of cancelled checks or online banking.
  • New Homeowners must upload the settlement statement or the statutory warranty deed (proof that the sale has closed).  These closing documents are not accepted to establish residency but may be used to create a Residency Agreement.

Please note, if documents listed in the Residency Agreement are not received within the agreed upon time, the school and/or the Student Placement office will reach out to you.  Failure to provide the documents may result in your student’s withdrawal from school.