Washington state law requires students show proof of immunizations or exemptions from immunizations to attend school.

Collect your child’s immunization records. These records must be medically verified.

Medically verified records must include a unique health care provider or clinic stamp or another form of written healthcare provider documentation, such as a provider signature.

The verified records must also include:

  • Your child’s name
  • Your child’s date of birth

Please provide the Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS) form or one of these options:

  • Official immigration immunization records
  • The immunization record printed from a healthcare provider, clinic, or hospital’s Electronic Health Record
  • A written immunization record from a healthcare provider or clinic
  • The immunization record printed from the Washington State Immunization Information System or the Immunization Information System of another state

Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS) Form

New students enrolling in BSD must have medically verified immunization records. Learn about changes to the Washington State immunization policy.


Other languages are available on the Washington State Department of Health website.

You can look up required immunizations here:

If you don’t have medically verified immunization records to upload, you may be able to access them by one of these methods below:

If your student has been immunized in Washington State, contact your child’s healthcare provider to make sure their immunizations have been updated in the Washington State immunization database. If your child has missing immunizations, ask your child’s healthcare provider about getting needed immunizations or sign a certificate of exemption.

You may be able to access your child’s immunization information yourself. Follow the directions on this site: https://doh.wa.gov/you-and-your-family/immunization/access-your-familys-immunization-information

If your student has been immunized in another state or country, please schedule an appointment with your student’s local doctor. Be sure to bring your immunization records to that appointment and ask the doctor to have the immunizations uploaded to the Washington State immunization database.

If you are requesting an exemption from one or more of the immunization requirements, you must provide a completed Certificate of Exemption with your enrollment documents. Learn more about exemptions and get an exemption form here: https://doh.wa.gov/community-and-environment/schools/immunization#exempt

As of July 28, 2019, Washington State removed the personal and philosophical exemption from the MMR vaccine required for school and childcare attendance.

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