Children grow and develop in different ways and at different speeds. If you have concerns about their development talk to your preschool teacher, pediatrician or contact ChildFind at (425) 456-4171.


  • Knows letters and numbers are different
  • Names most letters of the alphabet
  • Makes many of the letter sounds
  • Enjoys reading books or being read to
  • Can hold a book carefully
  • Can draw most of the letters in their name
  • Understands letters can be made into words
  • Knows that words are a way that we can communicate with others


  • Plays well with other children
  • Says a child that they play with is their friend
  • Shares with others and is able to take turns
  • Can let an adult know if they need help
  • Tries to use words to solve a conflict


  • Speaks clearly so other people can understand their words
  • Is able to have a conversation
  • Can tell a simple story in any language


  • Gets from one place to another using different types of movement
  • Can hold a pencil


  • Is curious about new things or ideas
  • Can come up with ideas to solve a problem
  • Sorts objects by one or more feature
  • Remembers and retells a family activity


  • Counts the number of items in a group
  • Uses words like “all” and “some” to describe an amount of items