Domain Specific Services Screening Process for K-1

The Advanced Learning Office will screen 1st grade students who enrolled after November 1 of their Kindergarten year. There is no need to apply for this group of students. Between late-November through December, students are observed for behavioral and academic characteristics of highly capable learners and may take the following assessments during the day:

  • TRC (Text Reading Comprehension)
  • DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills)
  • Literacy Skills in Chinese and Spanish for Students in Language Immersion Programs
  • STAR Math assessment and/or classroom math performance
  • Observational data

Students who consistently perform two years beyond their grade level in literacy and/or math will be moved into file review for further assessment. Permission for file review will be sent to your home by mid-January [Dates subject to change due to COVID-19]. Only families of students moving into file review for further assessment will receive notification. 

Students who are identified as in need of advanced learning services in 1st grade will not be automatically enrolled in Self-Contained Services when they reach 2nd grade. Students who would like to receive self-contained services at Cherry Crest, Medina, Somerset, or Spiritridge must apply for advanced learning testing during the fall of their 1st grade year.

File Review Process

Parents who receive a file review letter will be asked to provide permission for the district to conduct further assessment. This may include but is not limited to:

  • Observational Rating Scales
  • Reading Data: TRC (Text Reading Comprehension) & STAR Reading Assessment
  • Writing Data: BSD Performance Task1, Observation and Samples from the BSD Classroom
  • Math Data: Unit Assessments2, BSD Performance Task3, STAR Math Assessment
  1. The Writing Performance Task is a task where students are asked to write a short paragraph in response to a prompt.
  2. The Unit Assessment is a math test, given in the student’s class, at the end of a unit of learning.
  3. The Math Performance Task measures a student’s ability to apply previously learned knowledge and skills while utilizing their problem solving ability to reach a deeper understanding of the concept.

A district team will analyze all available student performance data and determine if the student is in need of services. Students demonstrating consistent academic performance two years beyond grade level expectation in literacy and/or math will be identified for domain specific services at their neighborhood or choice school.

The K-1 File Review window has been extended to accommodate transitions for in person learning.  Assessments will be complete by the end of March.  Our multidisciplinary team will meet to review this data after Spring Break and results will be shared via email by April 23, 2021.  [All letters were sent out via email on April 22, 2021]  

Service Model

In the second semester, parents and teachers of 1st grade students newly-identified as in need of advanced learning services will receive an Advanced Learning Classroom-Based Student Plan. Each child’s plan will explain his/her strengths as well as provide instructional ideas that the teacher may choose to utilize as needed in addition to the variety of differentiation practices already in place.

First grade students who are identified as in need of advanced learning services will be provided domain specific services in literacy and/or math in a traditional classroom setting at their neighborhood or choice school. Students may continue to receive domain specific services at their school through 12th grade.

K-1 Domain-Specific Services