Below are some instructional options that the Advanced Learning Department recommends to teachers to support students receiving domain specific services.


  • Utilize pre-assessment to drive instruction
  • Use higher level reading materials
  • Provide opportunities to explore current events and other topics through non-fiction materials
  • Probe with advanced comprehension and open-ended questions
  • Include writing projects/extensions for writing assignments
  • Provide tiered assignments/choice menus
  • Group students based on reading levels


  • Reduce repetitious instruction and practice
  • Utilize pre-assessment and provide rich tasks, design challenges and extensions in areas of mastery
  • Establish differentiated math groups
  • Engage in math talk through active listening, questioning and explaining
  • Utilize strategies that focus on mathematical reasoning
  • Provide open-ended projects


  • Provide advanced, abstract and complex material at a faster pace
  • Engage in hands-on experiences and use of manipulatives
  • Provide rich problem-solving tasks and design challenges
  • Allow creation of models, pictures and diagrams during learning and to show understanding
  • Promote creation of own methods to solve problems
  • Provide tiered assignments/choice menus