At the beginning of the school year, all 5th grade students are observed for behavioral and academic characteristics of highly capable students.  We will collect current and historical data points on assessments/assignments given by the district.  Historical data points may include 2019-20 Fall and Winter STAR, TRC, DIBELS, Spanish and Chinese literacy assessments.  Current data points may include the following:

  • STAR Reading assessment and/or classroom reading performance
  • STAR Math assessment and/or classroom math performance
  • Spanish and Chinese literacy assessments (if applicable)
  • Lexia assessments and assignments completed within the system
  • Freckle assessments and assignments completed within the system
  • Observational data

A multi-disciplinary team (MDT) analyzes the multiple objective data points along with subjective measures, such as report card grades and observational data.  Subjective measures nor a single objective criterion may be used to disqualify a student from further consideration.  Because multiple data points are considered, the MDT does not set a score threshold and instead determines which students, on a case-by-case analysis, show the highest level of need for advanced learning services.  Upon the conclusion of the screening, the range of scores of the students identified to participate in further assessment will be posted on the BSD Advanced Learning website.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no need for parents of BSD 5th graders to apply as this process takes place automatically in the classroom.

Students who consistently perform two years beyond their grade level in literacy and/or math will be moved into file review for further assessment.

Permission for file review will be sent to your home by mid-January [Dates subject to change due to COVID-19]. Only families of students moving into file review for further assessment will receive notification.  

File Review Process

Parents who receive a file review letter will be asked to provide permission for the district to conduct further assessment. This may include but is not limited to:

  • Observational Rating Scales
  • STAR Reading and/or Math
  • Performance assessments in Literacy and/or Math
  • Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) Form 7

If consistent high performance is in a single domain (literacy and/or math), a student would be provided an assessment in that domain and considered for domain-specific services.

  • If assessments show a need for domain-specific services (PDF) in one or both areas, the student will be identified to receive services in the general education classroom.

If consistent high performance is in multiple domains, the student would be provided assessments in literacy and math.

  • If a student is identified as in need of domain-specific services in both literacy and math, the student may be invited for cognitive (CogAT 7) testing on April 3, 2021 for possible identification for self-contained services.

The file review process will be completed by the end of April [Dates subject to change due to COVID-19].