When the Bellevue School District begins in-person learning in the Hybrid Learning model, our drop-off and pick-up plans will provide important physical distancing. There will be minimal opportunities for parents and other adults, who are not staff, to enter buildings. Schools will explain arrival and dismissal procedures to students.

Arrival/Dismissal Protocols

For students arriving in personal vehicles:

  • Parents and guardians should remain in their cars and should refrain from leaving or getting out of their cars
  • Each school will utilize designated entry points and share school-specific plans with families
  • Schools will stagger times for release from classrooms for pick-up based on grade level or classroom location (ex. Kindergarteners are released 8-10 minutes prior bell)

Please be considerate of families living adjacent to our school buildings and exercise caution to not block neighborhood streets and residential driveways during drop off and pick up.

For students riding the school bus:

  • Students will exit the bus upon arrival at school and keep social distancing guidelines. The school will create a visual plan so that students understand where to go (breakfast, class, etc.) and how to maintain physical distance.
  • Prior to departure, schools will designate an area for students to line up for their bus route, while also maintaining social distancing. Bus drivers will load the bus as soon as students start to line up, provided there are two or more students waiting to get on the bus in order to limit the amount of time that students are not social distancing.
  • Additional information on bus protocols is available in our Transportation: Physical Distancing on Buses protocols. [insert link]

How will I know where to drop off my student and where they should enter their school?

Families will be assigned a designated pick-up area for the school year by last name. Schools will provide families maps, directions and communication regarding these designated drop-off locations and entry points for separate groups of students in order to provide space for distancing.