The Bellevue School District has developed busing plans to maximize physical distancing on our buses as much as possible.

Riding the Bus

While riding the bus, all students will be required to wear a face covering (a face mask or face shield). Our goal is that there will be one student per seat, next to the window, with a limit of no more than two students per seat (except for siblings).

Bus drivers will load students from the back to the font and unload from the front of the bus to the back.


All vents and windows will remain open. Please encourage your student to dress appropriately during inclement weather.

Bus Cleanliness / Disinfecting

Transportation staff will utilize foggers and sprayers with safe, but effective cleaners after the morning and afternoon routes. After each bus, drivers will sanitize buses. All cleaning products will be stored in the outside compartment of the bus.

All bus drivers will have 8 oz. spray bottles of hand sanitizer available to sanitize students’ hands as they board buses.

What information will families receive about bus stops?

Schools will provide information to parents on social distancing at bus stops, including loading procedures at stops and reminders about face coverings.

How can families get alerts about buses?

Parents and guardians will be able to track their students’ buses through the parent portal.

Registered students will receive RFID cards to be used along with the parent portal. Students will scan their card while getting on and off the bus.  The use of the RFID cards will enable parents to track their child, as well as help district staff complete contact tracing, should the need arise.