Access to School Buildings

Only students that attend a school and the building staff will be allowed on campuses. All non-essential visitors to schools will be prohibited. Our updated policy includes BSD staff members from other buildings who are not considered essential.

Who will be able to visit school buildings?

Essential district staff, such as the Director of Health Services, the Director of Security, select members of the District’s Executive Team, will be allowed on campus, provided the business is deemed essential.

How will buildings operate during Hybrid Learning?

During Hybrid Learning, schools will operate in a “lockout” manner for the hours of school operation, up to and including one hour before and after school. Lockout means all exterior doors are secured during the school day and there is no unauthorized entry or exit.

What about if there is an emergency?

In the event of an emergency, emergency personnel are exempt.

Visitors During the School Day

Visitors during the school day will be limited to only emergency need or contracted agency staff that work directly with students for educational purposes. Other agency staff will need to meet with students remotely.

Will visitors be screened?

All visitors will complete an in-person health screening, including a temperature check with a thermometer, and complete the health screening questions students and staff are answering. Any visitor who has a fever of 100.4 or higher or who answers YES to screening questions will be asked to leave the building and given a handout with next steps and information on when they can return.

Can tutors, PTSA members and mentors visit schools?

No individuals other than school staff, students and district staff who have business deemed essential will be permitted on school campuses.

How will schools arrange conferences, IEP meetings and other important meetings?

Parent conferences, referral team meetings, IEP meeting and others will be hosted remotely. For families with barriers to technology or who are unable to meet remotely, school administrators will make necessary accommodations to ensure access, engagement and inclusion. Parents and guardians who need to touch base with administrators or staff should email school staff directly. School staff will schedule phone calls or remote meetings with proper accommodations. For rare occasions when in-person meetings are necessary, a meeting will be arranged at an offsite location in order to limit contact with students and staff.

What if I need to drop items off for my student?

Parent and guardian drop-off of items during the school day (which includes a half hour before and a half hour after) is limited to emergency items only. These include medication, food needed due to dietary restrictions and personal hygiene items. Delivery of these items will be facilitated by office staff only and may include requiring students to pick-up items in an office (school nurse, main office, attendance office, etc.).

Drop-off of non-emergency items is not allowed, including homework, musical instruments, PE attire and after-school activity equipment.

What if I need to pick my student up during the school day?

If a student needs to be picked up before the school day is over, the parent/guardian will call the attendance office upon arrival outside the school and the student will be escorted out to the parent/guardian by a staff member.