A body response that includes feelings of intense fear, nervousness and tenseness. Stress is a normal response to a real outside threat or challenging situation/circumstance. Stress is normal and at times can be helpful. In contrast, anxiety is a stress response to a threat that is perceived but does not really exist. It can also be perception that we are not able to meet the demands of a specific situation. Anxiety can sometimes be difficult to explain, but people often describe body sensations such as tense muscles, stomach-aches, jitteriness and headaches. Anxiety is also a normal part of life but can become a problem when it prevents kids from participating in activities they enjoy or interferes with daily life routines.


Involves repeated negative thoughts about a situation that often occurs in anxiety. Like stress, worry can be helpful in problem-solving situations, but too much worrying can lead to emotional distress and physical health problems.


A common experience for children and adults and estimates from the National Institute of Mental Health show that about 31.9% of children had an anxiety disorder at one point, while 8.3% showed a significant anxiety disorder.


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