As a result of the review of data and relevant conditions by the Building Safety and Health Conditions Review Team , Somerset will continue expansion of in-person services for 3rd-5th grade. We are excited to welcome students and staff for in-person learning in a half day cohort model with the following staggered start dates:

4th Grade: Monday, March 22, 2021
3rd Grade: Monday , March 29, 2021
5th Grade: Monday , April 5, 2021

Please note, the above are our scheduled return dates. As our in-person opportunities move forward, our Health and Safety Conditions Team will continue to monitor the health and safety conditions at school and around Bellevue. The Covid 19 infection rates continue to decline, and our school systems have been working efficiently and safely. We are hopefully optimistic that we will be able to stay with with these scheduled return dates. In the unlikely circumstance, if there is a need to delay a grade level’s return, parents would be notified by the Wednesday prior to the start date.