New families are required to provide proof they reside within the attendance boundaries of the Bellevue School District before enrolling their students. Below is a listing of documents accepted to establish residency. Two (2) items from the list below are required.

Important: All documents must be in the parent’s name. All addresses on your document must match the address of your residence. For example, the service address and billing address on a utility bill must match and be the same address you are using for enrollment.
  • Government Mail, these documents must have been delivered by US mail (USPS change of address, letter from Social Security, immigration, unemployment; vehicle registration, Good to Go bill or letter (mailed), election ballot, etc.)
  • Homeowner’s Insurance Policy Declaration
  • Property Tax Bill (must have been received via mail, not printed from website)
  • Redacted 1099, 1095-C or W-2 (social security number and dollar amounts blacked out)
  • Two Consecutive Utility Bills Dated within previous 3 Months (water, sewer, gas, electric or garbage)
  • Unexpired Lease Agreement (must be signed by both parties) with proof of payment for 2 months (cancelled checks, online banking transaction, etc.)

What if I don’t have two items from the above list?

If you have recently moved to the Bellevue area you most likely will not have two items from the above list and will need to obtain a residency agreement from the Student Placement Department.

  • Renters must bring a lease agreement signed by both parties and proof of paid first month’s rent in the form of a cancelled check or an official receipt (hand written receipts are not accepted)
  • Homeowners must bring closing documents including the settlement statement and statutory warranty deed

We understand that some families are unable to provide residency documents due to many different circumstances. In cases like these, when you do come to the Student Placement office, please bring any type of residency documents you can provide. If you are in a shared home, the primary resident/owner will also need to come.

For more information please visit the Establishing Residency page.

If you have questions, please contact our Student Placement Department for more information.