• Monday, June 18
  • Tuesday, June 19


During Science Classes, in the library

What to Bring:

  1. Laptop
  2. Laptop bag
  3. Stylus
  4. Power Adaptor/charger

How can students prepare for turn-in?

  • Remove personal stickers
  • Contact Mr. Cerelli for a new name sticker and or tag, if missing
  • Find all items
  • Pay for missing items
  • Clean out the laptop bag
  • BACKUP any files

What if an item is missing?

Purchase a replacement in the main office:

  • Laptop Bag – $30
  • Stylus – $13
  • Charger – $19

What if a laptop is damaged?

Check in with Mr. Cerelli before the turn-in day.  Fines will be assessed for the damage.

What if the student will be absent:

Contact Ms. Schladetzky in the Counseling Center to make special arrangements.  Laptops MUST be turned in before summer break.