Dear Tillicum Families: 

Scheduling of students into courses is mostly complete and student schedules will be accessible by ParentVue and StudentVue by 6:00 pm today, Tuesday, September 1As you know, counselors and building administrators have been working tirelessly to ensure students are fully scheduled, class sizes are balanced, and new students are registered and scheduled.  We are grateful for the efforts of building administrators, counselors, registrars and central office support staff as they work through the outstanding student schedule issues.

As has occurred in the prior years, student schedules will continue to be adjusted after the first day of school. Building master schedules for both Temporary Remote Learning and BSD Virtual environments has presented new challenges. Know we greatly appreciate your continued understanding and patience with this process.

As you know, due to COVID-19 health and safety concerns, some elective offerings have been combined while others eliminated. Therefore, some students may not see an elective they had requested in the spring, though every effort was made to schedule the student into an alternate offering or similar-type course. Our priorities are ensuring that each student will meet graduation and grade-level requirements and each student is fully scheduled

Counseling staff and administrators will continue to facilitate schedule corrections, as necessary.  This weekschedule corrections will be limited to fixing errors, such as:

  • 8th grade student is placed in the wrong level of a math class

  • 8th grade student is missing a 5th period class in the first semester schedule

Other types of schedule change requests and changes in model requests will be considered after the Labor Day weekend, beginning September 8. Both models were built to accommodate preferences in the family surveys, and it is expected students will adhere to such, pending extenuating and/or unforeseen circumstances.

If you are not familiar with ParentVue and StudentVuethe link below provides guidance. You can access student schedules through both avenues. 

Our staff are excited to see students this Thursday

Best regards,

James Peterson