Math Is Cool Championship Results 

Twenty-seven Tillicum students compete in the Math Is Cool Championships on Feb 10.  The tournament had six tests spread over 3.5 hours – a lot of hard work!  The tournament included schools from WA, OR, and ID, and over 800 students.  The 8th graders placed third in the West Region – Phi Division and will receive a plaque which we will add to the Tillicum Math Team display case!  The 7th graders also did well and placed 4th in their division.  Tillicum students did not receive any individual awards this year.

The ranking for school and individual awards is pretty complicated for this tournament.  There are three regions (West, Central, East) and four divisions [i=1 (most competitive), phi=2, e=3, pi=4 (least competitive)].  Tillicum is in the West Region and the Phi Division.  Not only that, but rankings for 7th and 8th grade individuals are based on the student’s current math class (PA=IMT2, A1=Algebra 1, GE = Geometry or higher).  It makes for a lot of awards, but a very complicated list.

The highest individual scorers for Tillicum were (in score order):

  • GE – Margo A, Saumitra P, Henry Y, Hailey W-F, Eshan F
  • A1 – Alexandra A-S, Courtney T, Andy R, Sophia A
  • PA – Suhani S, Olivia H, Dhanyashree R
  • 6th Grade – Nico Q, Tala E, Peyton D, Maddox Y, Miley C


MATHCOUNTS Chapter Competition Results 

Fifteen students represented Tillicum at the MATHCOUNTS Chapter Competition on Feb 13. The Chapter Competition included around 260 competitors from 20 Eastside schools (Bellevue SD, Issaquah SD, Lake Washington SD, and private schools). Each school could send at most 15 students, so this was a very competitive group of top math students.

The high scorers for Tillicum were Margo A, Henry Y, Eshan F, Saumitra P, Hailey W-F, and Courtney T.  Margo qualified for the Chapter Invitational Competition held on Feb 25.

Congratulations to the Tillicum Team for all their hard work!