Planning for High School:

High School Planning Worksheet

Tips for Being a Successful Student:

  1. Take responsibility for your own actions.
  2. Make good choices: think before you act.
  3. Show compassion: be supportive without judgement.
  4. Come to school every day, on time and ready to learn!
  5. Bring your laptop, charged and ready to go!
  6. Bring your planner to every class, every day to keep track of assignments.
  7. Ask for help when they need it! 
  8. Attend tutorial after school when you need help with assignments or tests.
  9. Check your grades on StudentVUE!

Homework & Study Support

College Connections:

LGBT Students:

Counseling & Mental Health

Internet Safety

  • NetSmartz: NetSmartz is an online resources for parents and students to help them learn more about protecting themselves on the internet.


Rude: Is unintentionally hurtful, and is only done once.
Mean: Is intentionally hurtful, but is only done one time.
Bullying: Is intentionally hurtful, and continues even after you have told them to stop.

Student Resource: Help stop bullying!