AVID is a nationally recognized program helping students learn the skills to be ready for college and beyond. At Tyee, we offer AVID as a year-long elective for 7th and 8th grade students. All Bellevue high schools, including Newport High School, also offer AVID.


The AVID program will soon begin interviews for NEXT school year (ex. if your student is a 6th grader now, they will apply to be in 7th grade AVID).


Your student might benefit from AVID if they:

  • Have the potential and willingness to be a leader
  • Want to build their critical thinking skills and habits (ex. note-taking, study groups)
  • Want to build their organization and time management skills (ex. using a planner, keeping track of deadlines)
  • Want to take more ownership of their learning
  • Are new to the college process in the United States (ex. no one in your family has attended college in the United States)
  • Will be the first in their family to go to college
  • Thrive in classrooms that have strong “family” environments


AVID curriculum includes:

7th grade 8th grade 9th grade

          Goal setting

·         Organization

·         Time management

·         Note-taking and study skills

·         Public speaking

·         College research and campus fieldtrip

·         Community building

·         Goal setting

·         Organization

·         Time management

·         Note-taking & study skills

·         Peer study groups

·         High school prep and Newport High School fieldtrip

·         College research and campus fieldtrip

·         Service learning

·         Focused note-taking

·         Peer study groups

·         Learning strategies

·         Organization

·         Help becoming an academic leader

·         A more in-depth introduction to Newport than most incoming students receive

·         An expanded look ahead to college

·         Preparation for the transition from high school to college

·         Career skills: interviewing, public speaking, and resume writing


To learn more about AVID:


  • Ask your student to sign up for the information session. They can sign up for this session during all 3 lunches on Tuesday, January 22nd.
    • Information session is on Friday, January 25th in the library. If your student signs up or is recommended by a teacher, a pass will be sent to them during the school day.


During the information session, they can start their AVID Application.


Your student can also apply now if they are ready! Just follow the link above. Once they apply, their name will be placed on the interview list.


If you have questions about AVID, talk to your student’s counselor or our AVID site coordinator, Jim Petoskey (petoskeyj@bsd405.org).


We look forward to interviewing the AVID class of 2019-2020!


-The Tyee AVID team



Click here to apply today!

If you would like more information regarding AVID, please click here.