Exciting New Changes in the Library

If you haven’t been up to the Library lately, come in and visit! There are so many new things, you may not even recognize the space!

First, the Graphic Novel Nook is complete with colorful beanbags and rug. All we need are student artwork submissions for the wall!

Also, the new Makerspace is starting to take shape. We have brand new tables– and some are even dry erase so you can brainstorm, take notes, or draw!

And the most exciting part– OZOBOTS are here! You can code these little robots by drawing your code with markers, or you can code them using block code. They’re versatile AND cute! Some even sport a mustache.

Other things you can do in the Makerspace:  You can code a Microbit with an app on your laptop, experiment with Makey Makey boards, code a Circuit Playground, create something out of cardboard or duct tape (we even have scented duct tape!), make a cool Origami creation, knit or crochet with yarn, hand sew a pillow or stuffed animal, or use your imagination to create something new!

Before school or during your lunch, come hang out in the Tyee Library and the Makerspace to see all the new changes!