For the 2021-2022 school year, Tyee will be using StudentVUE for students to request their elective classes. Elective courses may be year-long courses, semester courses, or a combination of both to equal 2.0 course credits. In addition to your 2.0 credits of elective requests, you will also need to enter a minimum of 2.0 credits of alternate requests. In the event that one of your first-choice requests cannot be scheduled, every effort will be made to place you in one of your alternate requests.


We will make every attempt to register you in the electives that you select, but there is no guarantee that you will be placed into your first choices or alternates. Registration is impacted by school enrollment, class sizes, conflicts in master schedule, and number of class sections available. In rare cases, students may be scheduled into classes they did not request.


Please follow these steps to select your courses online:


  1. Login to StudentVUE


  1. On the left side you will see a new tab called Course Request, click that tab


  1. Read the instructions carefully about how to make your course requests. Please note that #3 instructs you to select 7 credits, however your 5.0 core credits will be entered for you. You will only select 2.0 credits of electives. Please ONLY choose electives from the list provided here. Synergy will allow you to select classes you are NOT allowed to take! Please make sure you double check that the courses you are requesting are on this list! Thank you!


  1. Click the button that says, “Click here to enter or change course requests”. Then scroll down to the bottom and search by department or course title. Be sure to select 2.0 credits of “Request” courses (your first choices) and a minimum of 2.0 credits of “Alternate” courses.


  1. The Course Request tab will be available in StudentVUE until March 19th, 2021. You will be able to revise your requests until this date.


After March 19th, your saved selections are final!!!