Good Evening Tyee Families,

Apologies for the lateness of this evening’s weekly update. Please see below.

Byron Lillie, Principal

Tyee: Upcoming Dates
  • February 10: Semester 2 School Supplies Distribution (Language Arts, Art, STEM) (info below)
  • February 12: Semester 2 School Supplies Distribution (Language Arts, Art, STEM) (info below)
  • February 15-19: Mid-Winter Break (no school)

BSD/Tyee: Grading Changes



If your student faced technical challenges and was unable to process their grade change request, please send the requests to

We heard from a few students reporting issues logging into the grade change website.  The error first occurs when they try to type in their email address and not their username.  If they are continuing to have issues have students do the following:

  1. Clear their Browsing Data (Cache) in Chrome:
  2. Reload the http://repository1/gradechange website
  3. Ensure the student enters their username (e.g. s-doej) NOT email address

If any students did not receive the e-mail Friday night, it is OK, they should just use the link: http://repository1/gradechange

Students must use their BSD laptop, and join the VPN network (use the BSD VPN) so they are logged into a school-site. This does not require visiting a physical school building, but yes – that would log them into the network as well.

Tyee: Semester 2 Supplies Return & Distribution – See *updates! Our Make-up Events will be held February 10 & 12.  Details below.

  • Language Arts (grades 6-8): Return Semester 1 Novels & Exchange for Semester 2 Novels (make-up if you missed the 1/27 & 28 events)
  • Sem. 2 Visual Art (Art Exploration, Studio Art, Art Exploration 3D): Pick Up Semester 2 Art Kits
  • Sem. 2 STEM (Applied Engineering, Design & Production): Pick Up Semester 2 STEM Kits   (*postponed to later date!)

Dates & Times:

  • *New Time Wednesday, February 10 from 2:30-4pm (all students)
  • Friday, February 12 from 1:00-4:00pm (all students)

Snow?? – It is possible this week – we will e-mail families ASAP if the event needs to be cancelled due to weather!


We will distribute in the Tyee front (south) entrance, near the main office. Vehicles enter the “front” parking lot, (South side of campus, off Allen Rd).

Safety:  If anyone in your household has COVID-19 symptoms or has had contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 or is still in their isolation period for testing positive for COVID-19, please do NOT pick up materials, notify the child’s teacher you were unable to come. We will provide additional dates in February.

  • Students will remain outside and will not have to enter the building, just the courtyard.
  • Only one person may exit the vehicle to pick-up materials.
  • One (1) family member may pick up materials on behalf of their student. Please come with the student schedule (teacher and class pd)
  • Masks & Physical distancing of 6 feet required.


Is this for ALL students? Or does it depend on their classes or teacher?

  • This is for any Tyee students in the Tyee courses listed above (Semester 1 and Year-long)

What is the process?

  • Vehicles enter school from the front (south) entrance, off Allen Rd, Pull through the loop and into the front parking spaces, curb, or bus lane.
  • Students exit vehicles and line up (6 feet apart) outside the courtyard
  • Staff are present to answer student questions.

May family members accompany a student?

  • No. For safety purposes, Parents/Guardians must wait in vehicles.

Will there be assistance to help my student?

  • Yes, staff will be present to guide students.

Can a parent or sibling pick up my student’s materials on their behalf, if my student can’t be there?

  • Yes, but a maximum of one (1) person. They must be a family member, guardian, or someone in the household.

Can a friend or neighbor pick up my student’s materials on their behalf?

  • No, materials and books are directly checked out to the student. To avoid losses or fines, we are keeping this to family/household members only.
Tyee: AVID Information Session for Families

The AVID Program (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is hosting an information session for families (link to Live Event) on Tuesday, March 2nd after school, from 5:00 – 5:30 pm, and a recording of the video will be emailed to all parents afterwards.  An email will be sent to all parents that includes additional information on AVID, and provides a link for students to apply.   We are also hosting a student information session on Tuesday, March 2nd from 11:30 am – 12:20 pm.  Both information sessions will be recorded and the link will be provided to students and parents.

Your student might benefit from an AVID class if they:

  • Have the potential and willingness to be a leader
  • Want to build their critical thinking skills and habits (ex. note-taking, study groups)
  • Want to build their organization and time management skills (ex. using a planner, keeping track of deadlines)
  • Want to take more ownership of their learning
  • Are new to the college process in the United States (ex. no one in your family has attended college in the United States)
  • Will be the first in their family to go to college
  • Thrive in classrooms that have strong family environments

Students must apply and register for AVID to be enrolled in the course for the 2021-22 school year.  Under extenuating circumstances, we may not have enough spots for all students and we commit to an equitable process for selecting students to enroll in AVID. Thank you for your interest in the AVID program!

-Jim Petoskey, AVID Site Coordinator. Contact:

8th Grade Families: High School Registration 8th grade students will be registering for high school during the first 2 weeks of March. More information will be coming out soon.  There is a pre-registration lesson that will occur Friday, February 26 during 8th period. Students will access a Nearpod lesson. This is required and very important for students to complete before they watch high school registration presentations. Students were sent a calendar invite over e-mail today.

BSD: Career & Technical Education Information Night


Are you interested in finding out about the pathways available in middle and high school?  Health care, visual communications, information technology, business and marketing, culinary, education, transportation, construction, plus more?

WHEN:  February 9, 2021 from 5:00 – 6:00 p.m.

Please join us to hear about Career and Technical Education programs!  Parents are encouraged to join!  Hear about our 12 career pathways from middle to high school. Understand the programs, how college credit is earned in high school, and the industry certifications available.  Hear from our instructors, and Director of Career and Technical Education. Click Here to Join:  Click Here

BSD: FREE Robotics Camp from Sammamish HS Sammamish Robotics is offering a mid-winter break camp to spark middle school students’ interest in high school robotics and STEM. This includes learning about the basics of Arduino circuits and programming from high schoolers on the Sammamish Robotics team. This camp is going to occur from February 15th-19th, and kids can join online using Microsoft Teams. The camp is free for all students, though we do recommend donating to the team and there are some required materials you may have to purchase. We hope to see students there! For questions email, or you can use this link to register:

BSD: Tech Center Moving to Highland Middle School


The student Tech Center is relocating to Highland Middle School beginning February 8. The Tech Center at Highland will be located in the Gym, which is on the east side of the building, left of the main entrance. Hours will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Tuesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Highland is located at 15027 NE Bel-Red Road, Bellevue, WA 98007
BSD: Wellness and Resilience Group Our Mental Health Assistance and Middle School Counselor Team invite our middle school students to join us in our weekly group sessions to support you in building your resilience tool kit. Some of the topics we will be covering are: managing strong emotions, building healthy relationships, coping with stress, and more. I highly recommend this program to all students as we continue to navigate this unprecedented year. Mondays 1:00pm – 1:50pm. CLICK HERE to sign up for Middle School Wellness and Resilience Group.
PTSA Information

1) Meeting With Tyee teacher BEA Representatives on Feb 9. Tyee teacher representatives from Bellevue Teacher Associate (BEA) reached out to Tyee PTSA and would like to connect with Tyee parents.  If you would like to meet our Tyee teacher BEA representatives, please join the meeting on Feb 9 at 8:20pm. Due to the time constraint during the meeting,, we would like to collect questions and topics before the meeting. Please email your questions ahead of time to

2) 6th Grade Virtual Hangout

Dear Tyee 6th Graders! Come hang out on-line with your classmates during mid-winter break! The Tyee PTSA invites you for a 6th grade virtual hangout with your friends during break. Hangouts are divided into four groups:

Mr. Caudillo’s Classroom Hangout : 2/15/2021 1:00pm

Mrs. Defoe’s Classroom Hangout: 2/16/2021 1:00pm

Mr. Pearson’s Classroom Hangout: 2/17/2021 1:00pm

Mr. Layden’s Classroom Hangout: 2/18/2021 1:00pm

Parents are welcomed to join! You can find the meeting link below. We will have breakout rooms after the introduction.

Zoom meeting:

Meeting ID: 845 1966 8860

Passcode: 955683


3) ADVOCACY SESSIONS FOR STUDENTS & PARENTS. The Tyee PTSA in collaboration with the Bellevue Council, are excited to offer a series of advocacy sessions for students and parents in the Bellevue School District over mid-winter break. Learning self-advocacy is an essential tool for students as they become more independent during their middle school and high school years.


  • For 6th grade Students. February 15, 7pm – 8:30pm. Transitioning from elementary school can be challenging time for 6th graders to adapt to the rigors and responsibilities of middle school. In this session, we will discuss why self-advocacy for students is important and how to do so. Topics will include: how students can communicate with teachers/staff virtually to receive the support they need to reduce stress and succeed in classes, strategies for coping and thriving during this unique year of virtual learning, and getting organized in the digital world, while feeling confident in the process of advocating for themselves.
  • For Middle School Parents. February 16, 7pm – 8:30pm. In this session, we will discus the importance of students learning to advocate for themselves during middle school and how parents can support this process. Students are learning how to find their voice in middle school and speak-up for their needs. Topics will include: social and emotional learning (friendships, managing the ups and downs of emotions), communicating in in the current virtual environment, and supporting opportunities for their leadership during these year of tremendous growth.
  • For 8th grade Students. February 18, 7pm – 8:30pm. Transitioning to high school can feel challenging with increased responsibilities as well as opportunities. In this session, we will focus on the importance of students advocating for themselves with high school being just around the corner. Topics that will be discussed include: communicating with teachers/staff virtually to receive the support they need to reduce stress and succeed in classes, strategies for coping and thriving, researching high school class options, and contemplating plans beyond high school while feeling confident in transitioning from middle school.

If you are interested in one of the sessions, please register at: Student Advocacy Session Registration. After registering, a meeting link will be sent through email. There will be more sessions offered in the coming months for all students.