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Student Arrival

1. Please arrive as close to 8:20 as possible. All students will enter through the designated entrances when
arriving on campus between 8:20 – 8:30am. Students will be greeted by staff upon entry. Visitors/parents
will not be permitted to enter the building.
a. 6th graders will line on the dots at the front of the school.
b. 7th graders will line on the dots to the side of the school next to the Commons.
c. 8th graders will line on the dots either around the 1300 or 1200 entrances at the back of the                        school.
d. Students whose first class of the day is in the Portables will line up by the back entrance next to                   the community gym.
e. Follow the arrows on the ground to adhere to safety protocols.

6th and 7th grade families should use the front parking lot to drop off their student. Families of 8th graders should use the parking lot at the back of the school.

• Students will receive a temperature check. Any student with a temperature above 100.3 will report
immediately to the Waiting Room and wait for parent pick up.


Daily Health Check/Attestation

All students and staff will need to complete a daily health check/attestation either before they arrive on campus. Students/staff can use personal devices or BSD laptop using the below link and/or QR codes that will be prominently featured on doors

Daily Health Check:

Health Check Resources:


Precautionary/Mitigating Measures

1) Mandatory Masks – all students, staff, and community members who enter Tyee or are
on campus will wear masks at all times (unless specified otherwise within an IHP) & masks
will be made available upon entry for staff & individuals who do not have one.

2) Drinking fountains are turned off throughout the school. Students should bring their own
full water bottle.

3) Drop-off of non-emergency items is not allowed, including homework, musical instruments, and other afterschool activity equipment.

4) Students will be wiping their desk during their time in class.

5) Students will be following specific pathways and adhering to signs to support social distancing and safety protocols. Please check the video link for details: Tyee Building Procedures

What to bring

Students need to bring their fully charged laptop, charger (labeled with their name), stylus, and full water bottle. On possible rainy days, it is recommended that students bring an umbrella or jacket with a hood

Dismissal Procedures

Students will be dismissed from school at 12:25pm M/T/Th/F and at either 11:25am or 10:40am on Wednesdays. Please arrange for your student to be picked up from campus as close to dismissal as possible. No students may remain in the building after dismissal.

Bus Routes

Bellevue School District provides transportation for students who live outside the 1 mile radius from Tyee. Click here to see the bus routes for Tyee students.